25 Best Cyber Monday Camera Deals (2021): Fujifilm, Sony, Peak Design

Boling LED Flashlight

Photography: Boling

Adorama (Out of print), B&H

This pocket-sized LED video light is one of our favorite tools for making studio-quality home videos. It becomes remarkably bright despite its compact size and offers multiple colors and effects. You can adapt the color temperature to your lighting conditions or use the effects to mimic a thunderbolt. It mounts to your camera via a cold shoe.

Amazon, B&H

It’s not as bright as the Boling above, but this Aputure video light is magnetic, so it can attach to a variety of surfaces for easy mounting. It has a lot of effects and color options, and you can charge it via USB-C or with a Qi wireless charger.

Lume Cube mobile creator stand.

Photography: LumeCube

B&H, Lume Cube

This stand is very stable and the ends of the clamp double as cold-claw mounts, so you can plug in a microphone and a compact video light for a full studio on the go. Our only gripe is that you can’t adjust the height.

Amazon, Adorama

If you’re standing directly in front of your camera, a shotgun microphone will be one of the best ways to record audio. This one from Deity fits over the shoe mount on top of a camera. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. It does a great job of picking up audio at close range. It will also plug into your phone if that’s how you ride.

One of the best ways to improve your video is to improve the sound that comes with it. We haven’t tested this model, but Røde is one of the best names in pro audio and this shotgun comes highly recommended. We are also big fans of the smaller Røde VideoMic Go which is similar but not as high quality as this one.

Amazon, B&H

The Blue Yeti is a mainstay of streamers and independent productions, but if you want something 90% as good for half the price, the Blue Snowball is a great option. It is smaller than the Yeti, and it does not produce quite like rich sound, but it does the job of a basic USB mic with minimal investment.

Amazon, B&H (package of $ 2.96)

This card has been in my Sony A7II for three years now and has never let me down. It’s fast enough to shoot 4K videos, has plenty of room to shoot all day long, and has proven to be very reliable. If you have two slots in your camera, you can buy two cards for a few dollars less.

Camera bags and backpacks

Now that you’ve loaded up all the extras you need to capture stunning images and videos in the field, you need a way to carry it all in comfort. If you don’t see what you want below, check out our guide to the best camera bags, straps, inserts, and backpacks.

Brevite The Jumper Camera Bag.

Photography: Brevite

Moment, abbreviated

This is our best camera backpack for most people in our guide to the best camera bags. It’s relatively small, but can still hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera, additional lenses, and a small tripod in the side pocket (with a loop to secure it). There’s a passage strap for luggage, padded laptop storage, and an overhead compartment for everything else. The best part is that it’s available in a ton of fun colors.

B&H, Wandrd (enter code BF5OFF for an additional 5 percent discount)

Pair this roomy backpack with two of Wandrd’s essential camera cubes ($ 278 total) and you can fit a your equipment and space for clothing and other equipment. I took this bag, which can be converted into a duffel (with space to store the straps), on my road trip around Iceland, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Just be aware that it may not be considered a personal item on an aircraft and may be viewed by the crew as complete carry-on baggage. You can read more about it in our guide to the best camera bags.


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