Alec Baldwin Responds To George Clooney’s Comments About Gun Safety On Sets

Tragedy occurred in late October when a The prop gun has failed in a group Rust, resulting in the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins at the age of 42. Alec Baldwin was the actor handling the gun when the accident happened, which resulted in a lot of eyes being focused on 30 rocks A star allegedly unaware of the gun safety on set. As the criminal investigation continues to unfold and Several crew members seek to sue BaldwinSeveral members of the Hollywood community have spoken out about the incident, including George Clooney, now Baldwin has responded.

Last month, George Clooney Reaction to the death of Helena Hutchins By sharing his own experiences with hype guns and past incidents in which people close to him died due to a ‘chain of stupid things’. Clooney shared that he always checks the gun himself before every take. When Alec Baldwin went in depth about the accident to News letters During an exclusive interview, George Stephanopoulos asked Baldwin his thoughts on the fellow actor’s comments. In Baldwin’s words:

Well, there were a lot of people who felt it necessary to contribute some comments to the situation, which didn’t really help the situation. Absolutely. If your protocol is to check the gun every time, this is good for you. You may have handled guns like any other actor in films with a normal career. Again, being shot or fired by someone. And at the time, I had protocol, and it never let me down.

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