In this mighty land of America, there are millions of hard-working people with bad credit scores. But what are our compatriots to do when they find themselves in need of an emergency loan?

Will they be given access to credit despite their poor credit history? Is there another service available that will guarantee to find lenders willing to offer a bad credit loan?

Cut to the chase. It can be pretty demoralising trying to secure a personal loan if you are burdened with a poor credit score. But all is not lost. If this resonates with you, please don’t fear! There are plenty (and we mean plenty) of avenues you can go down to get emergency cash, or an immediate personal loan.

But how do you know who to turn to? Well, we have scoured the web for to find the best providers for bad credit loans, but despite there being an abundance of providers available we were always brought back to the same one: MoneyMutual.

Read on to find out why they are our number one choice for bad credit loans.

Our Number One Pick for Bad Credit Loans

MoneyMutual: The Top Bad Credit Loans Provider with Guaranteed Approval Online


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MoneyMutual is an award-winning loan marketplace, backed for many years by famous talk show host and spokesperson Montel Williams.

If you’re in desperate need of a bad credit loan but are worried about not getting approved, MoneyMutual is the company for you. They can provide guaranteed approval and can ensure you receive your loan in under 24 hours.

To obtain a bad credit loan, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. The forms take less than five minutes. You will be eligible to borrow up to $5,000 typically, but in certain circumstances, more credit is available. It all depends on your personal situation.

The size of the loan you request will correlate directly to the interest rate you are offered. Because of this, we advise that you only apply for what you need. You are only required to fill in the form and then you are granted immediate access to a pool of lenders. Gone are the days of long queues and awkward waits in lending shops!

Another point to note, the terms and conditions of the final loan you take out will vary from lender to lender. Make sure you read the fine print terms and conditions extremely carefully before continuing with the application.

Key Information for You to Know About Bad Credit Loans

  • Finding A Loan Is Simple:

– Upon completion of your initial application, MoneyMutual introduces you to potential lenders as soon as possible. They have over sixty lenders only at any one time, all waiting to process your application.

– MoneyMutual require you to meet the following criteria:

    – Be at least 18 years old
    – Earn at least $800 a month
    – Have a bank checking account.

One thing you DON’T need, is a good credit score! If you have missed payments in the past, or had other common credit issues, don’t worry. MoneyMutual can still help you to secure the funding you need.


    • Structured and simple monthly repayments
    • 24-hour to get the funds into your bank
  • Encrypted platform is safe and secure for customers


  • MoneyMutual is prohibited from operating in some US states (if you apply and your state is not allowed, you will be redirected to other providers who can help).

A Wholesome Customer Journey

Many people across our mighty land of America have taken out bad credit loans via MoneyMutual. They strive for excellent customer service.

The process for applying for a bad credit loan through MoneyMutual is transparent and simple. They are passionate about giving customers the best chance at obtaining low interest rates on personal loans.


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Interest Rates for Bad Credit Loans

Something very important to know, is that low interest rates do not always correlate well to good terms and conditions.

A handful of lenders will use variable interest rates, meaning that they can change depending on certain circumstances. Loans offered at a fixed interest rate will often be cheaper. However, it’s important for you to read and understand the terms and conditions on the lender’s site before continuing with your loan.

Review the Total Value of a Bad Credit Loan

Aside from the interest rate, there are sometimes other fees that come frequently with personal loans:

Lenders will often add 1-2% of the loan amount on as a ’processing fee’. The lower the processing costs, the better.

It may seem like you should be rewarded if you are able to pay your loan back early. Whilst we agree, often lenders will charge you a fee if you do.

It’s important to be aware beforehand, so you don’t get stung with any unexpected fees. If you think it’s likely you’ll repay early, try to find a lender with low or no prepayment fees.

If the dreaded happens and you are unable to make your payment on time, you will be charged a fee. This should of course be avoided at all costs as it will badly impact your credit score.

Borrow What You Need

Please only borrow what you need. This is not the time to be adding extra funds on to treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers. Lenders will sometimes try to get you to borrow more than what you need on a bad credit loan. It can be hard to turn down. Be true to yourself and work out exactly what you need to maximise your potential to repay on time.

Bad credit loans are often one of the highest cost debt products on the market. Why pay interest on money that you don’t need? Only borrow the loan amount that you can pay back in full and don’t let any lender try to convince you to take more. This is our best advice to you.

Search Everywhere for Better Rates

The beauty of the MoneyMutual marketplace is that it gives you the ability to scan what deals are available to you. One word of advice though, applying for a loan will result in hard inquiries on your CIBIL credit report, which may harm your credit score. As such, only apply for a loan when you have decided that lender is right for you. You can get the latest pricing information from the customer service department by phone or by email.

Steer Clear of Add-On Offers

One thing a business loves to do is to throw add-on packages to a deal. Think back to the last time you bought a car, and the dealer tried to add-on a wheel shining package, interior protector, and additional warranty!

Loan providers are no different. They will try to entice you in with payment insurance products and other add-ons, that are of little to no benefit to you. Only them! Creditors do this to add to the expense of your loan, therefore increasing the interest cost to you the borrower.

Don’t be fooled. Look carefully at the loan details before you agree to them. Remember, they are providing you a loan as it is their business to do so, not because they are charitable people!

It can be stressful being in a position of needing an emergency loan. However, there is no justification to fall for add-on offers that you don’t need. You are solely responsible. Exercise caution.

Loans You Can Get with A Bad Credit Score

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The Infamous Payday Loans

Payday loans are unsecured loans, plain and simple. Typically, borrowers can obtain loans of a couple hundred dollars or less and repay them on the date of their next paycheck. Payday loans are quick-term with higher interest rates that increase the risk of defaulting.

A common trap is for borrowers to default and end up in a cycle of borrowing more to repay existing loans. This debt cycle can feel like it is never ending. Interest expenses add up quickly, and loans with annual percentage rates in the triple digits are not uncommon.

Student Loans

It’s no secret that the majority of college students live on a limited budget. Fortunately, a lot of credit providing companies understand the financial fears that university students face and offer assistance in the form of student loans.

Students can recover the cost of computer equipment, books and other academic related expenses, allowing them to avoid the added stress of a needing a part-time job to sustain their living costs.

What Are Title Loans?

Do you own an automobile? If so, your asset profile may be suitable for a car title loan of up to $5,500. Usually, you may borrow up to 50% of the worth of your automobile. The FTD states that title loans usually vary from $100 to $5,500, and you have 15 to 30 days to repay your title loan. If you don’t, your lender may take your car away as collateral.

Due to the nature of these loans, the annual percentage rates are usually sky-high. If you are approved, you will be required to surrender your automobile title to the lender until the total value of your loan, including any fees, is repaid.

Co-signed Loans Are a Good Solution

There is an old saying: a problem shared, is a problem halved.

It is possible in this day and age to share the commitment of a personal loan. Essentially, a co-signed loan is one that is guaranteed by more than one person. If you have bad credit history, or even no credit history, a lender might require you to have a guarantor who will accept and repay the debt if you default. A co-signer is like an insurance policy for the lender, and as such, having a co-signee can enable you to obtain better deals.

Always remember though, they are a get out of jail card for the lender. Failure to pay could put your relationship with the co-signee at risk.

Stay Safe: How to Spot the Fraudster Before You Become The Victim Of A Bad Credit Loan Scam

A picture containing a gold padlock

Will a Lender Contact You Directly?

When you apply for a loan, it should be made clear to you at the point of application if the lender wishes to ring you to finalise anything. If you weren’t expecting a call, then this is red flag number one!

Make sure you get the lender to confirm the name of their company, and how much you requested to borrow. If they seem shady or can’t confirm, politely end the call.

Furthermore, if you have not applied for a loan yet, or if you have any doubts about the authenticity of a loan offer, you can check the lender’s permits on the site of your state attorney general to see whether the loan provider is working legally.

Are You Feeling Pressured to Take A Loan?

Loans are not like sales. The conditions are fairly stagnant, so if anybody contacts you offering you a ’LIMITED TIME DEAL’, it’s most likely a scam. There should be no time pressure on you taking out a loan.

If you feel pressured, just decline the loan. Thanks to MoneyMutual, there are plenty of lenders who will gladly wait patiently for your business. Make sure you stay on your guard and keep your eye out for promises that sound too good to be true.

Can You Find the Lender’s Fees?

Bad credit loan fraudsters are often unclear regarding their costs, refusing to disclose them upfront or release them at your request. It’s not uncommon for them to throw on added fees without making them clear to you at the point of taking out the loan.

Conversely, honest moneylenders disclose all the appropriate fees on their websites and are clear about any fees from the beginning. Additionally, expenses associated with typical loans are paid at the time of closing, not after approval. If your creditor does not reveal all application and origination fees in advance, you may become the victim of a credit loan scam.

Have They Asked for Prepayment?

Some fraudulent lenders will ask for some form of upfront payment to process your loan. Avoid this at all costs.

You will never be required to do this as standard. The lender will likely take your prepayment and disappear, leaving you in a mess. Simply do not trust any lender that requests an upfront fee for taking out a loan.

Advantages of Bad Credit Loans

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No Requirement for a Credit History Check

The biggest advantage of a bad credit loan is that creditors will not consider your credit history. Your lender’s main concern will be ensuring that you have suitable income to meet your repayment deadlines. Additionally, you should have adequate assets in place to cover the requested loans. It would also be ideal if you have had your job for more than one year.

You Can Improve Your Credit Score

Making repayments on time, even to a bad credit loan can improve your credit score. Your report will show that you borrowed money and repaid it on time, thus enhancing your credit image and potentially increasing your ability to get further credit.

Need a Lot of Cash? No Problem

If you can prove your ability to repay, most lenders will have no problem offering sums up to $5,000, or even more. Even if you have a bad credit score, you aren’t counted out. Just remember, only borrow what you really need!

One more thing that people should check when applying for a loan is potentially concealed fees. Always ask about fees that might come with a loan from moneylenders.

Flexibility With Offers

MoneyMutual allows you to get deals tailored according to your requirements. You can discuss with the lender the terms of the package such as, interest rate, repayment times, and payment choices, to get a loan package that suits you.

The correct lender for you will provide you with a loan that is customized to your circumstances. The lender may negotiate the loan total, reimbursement criteria, period, flexibility, and interest rates, among other things.

Once it comes time to select the best bad credit loan on the market, it is essential to be honest. Explain your financial condition to your lender accurately and make sure they are fully aware of your financial situation.

Flexibility With Offers

Do you truly need money right now? Are you accumulating debts and don’t have the cash flow to sustain? When these circumstances are compounded with a low credit score, it can be demoralising and lead you to think that all is lost. Fear not, you can still obtain a loan.

In fact, loans for those with bad credit can be the easiest to get! For example, a payday loan and an unsecured loan can be obtained within a few hours of application. While you should not postpone until your financial condition worsens before acting, bad credit loans may be a possibility for you if you ever find yourself in a similar scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Credit Loans

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What is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate; it describes the total amount of interest that is accrued annually. It also includes any additional expenses associated with the loan. APR is 0.1% to 0.5% higher than the interest rate. The higher the APR, the higher will be the additional expenses associated with it.

On the plus side, this figure can usually be negotiated. So always try to get the percentage lowered with your lender, to minimise your total repayment amount

What Is the Difference Between a Secured and Unsecured Loan?

Ever wonder how a secured loan works? Secured loans offer collateral to the lender, as an insurance policy in case you can’t repay. For example, you could take a loan against your car so that in the event you don’t repay, the lender can legally recover your car as a form of payment.

Secured loans are the most popular way of borrowing large sums of money. A lender will only lend a considerable sum with the assurance that you can repay it. If they know your car or home is at stake, they know you’re likely to do anything possible to ensure they get their money.

Unsecured loans do not require any collateral. It is a simple two-way transaction, you borrow a certain amount of capital, and agree to repay a certain amount back. If you don’t repay, you occur financial fees, rather than giving up a predetermined possession.

Why Are Credit Reports Important?

If you are serious about getting a bad credit loan, your credit report is something a lender might pay close attention to. If you have an outstanding credit score, you can take advantage of the best interest rates on loans, credit cards, insurance premiums, rentals, and cell phone contracts.

It’s important to recognize if there are any late credit expenses showing up on your report. If there are any blips on your credit report, you can deal with them before they develop into a big red flags to lenders.

Our Closing Thoughts on Bad Credit Loans

And so we have reached the end of our analysis on bad credit loans. We truly hope that you found this article of great value, and now understand that even if you have bad credit, you can still get an emergency loan in America. It might be a little more challenging if you have a bad credit score, but the point is, it’s more than possible!

Major loan providers like MoneyMutual are industry leaders in providing the best bad credit loans. However, it’s essential to remember to always pay back your bad credit loan on time. Never miss a payment, and always make sure to try to get the best terms available to you. Negotiation is a useful tool, so don’t hesitate!

MoneyMutual is one of the leading bad credit loan providers in the United States of America. They are known for their great customer service, professionalism, and excellent consumer reviews. If you are in a time of need, and worried about your bad credit score, head over to MoneyMutual as they will look after you and ensure you get the help you need.

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