Candace Cameron Bure And More Hallmark Stars Send Love To Lacey Chabert After Sister’s Unexpected Death

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, but this is especially true when you lose someone during a period of the year that you are supposed to bring families and friends closer together so they can celebrate. Unfortunately, Hallmark movies and I mean girls spit Member Lacey Chabert and her family are now dealing with such a loss, after the superstar’s older sister, Wendy, died suddenly. Now, Candice Cameron Bure and more Hallmark movie stars They send love to Chabert after the announcement.

Taken by Lacey Chabert Instagram Page recently to spread the sad news of her sister’s death. Let’s take a look at Chabert’s post in memory of her sister, then see what some of her fellow Hallmark stars have to say.

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