Check out these Cyber Monday deal on HP pre-built PCs with RTX 30-series GPUs

On Black Friday, I brought you an extremely neat selection of gaming PCs that might actually be good value for money and offer some serious GPU at a time when these GPUs are incredibly expensive and hard to find. We’re starting over for Cyber ​​Monday, okay?

RTX 3080 Ti – $ 2,400

If you’re looking for the best gaming card from Nvidia – because although the RTX 3090 exists, it’s overkill – HP’s Omen 30L might be the best preset deal. There’s a specific system you can buy for $ 2,399 with the powerful 4K graphics card and a powerful Core i7-11700K chip, and it doesn’t skimp on memory or storage this time around: you get 32GB of RAM. , a 512 GB SSD. and a 2 TB hard drive, all powered by an 800 W Gold power supply.

Unfortunately, HP’s promo code doesn’t work on this platform, but again, this GPU averages $ 1,941 on eBay alone.

The HP Omen 30L. The 25L is similar but smaller and without the illuminated front fan.

RTX 3080 – $ 1,800

Or, for $ 600 less, you can buy a $ 1,799 HP Omen 30L with an RTX 3080 graphics card and the extremely similar but slightly slower Core i7-10700K and tell yourself you’re going to upgrade from its paltry 8GB. / 256 GB of RAM and storage to something better later. (Looking at our 3080 Ti vs. 3080 benchmarks, that’s what I’d probably go for.) Not as good as the HP RTX 3080 at $ 1,611 on Black Friday, but not bad.

To get the price of $ 1,799, enter the promo code HOLIDAYS10 at the register.

RTX 3070 Ti – $ 1,799

I’m still keeping the NZXT $ 1,799 Streaming Plus PC here for now for its RTX 3070 Ti. You get an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of solid-state storage in an attractive design. It also has a 750W Gold certified power supply and a two-year warranty.

Again, no promo code; you will see the price of $ 1,799 at checkout and not sooner.

NZXT’s PC is pre-built in the company’s own Kraken M22 case.

RTX 3060 Ti – $ 1,188

With no competition from Alienware, $ 1,188 for an HP Omen 25L is definitely my choice for the 3060 Ti, with an AMD Ryzen 5600X, RTX 3060 Ti, a 600W PSU, and the same 8GB. / 256 GB of RAM and storage than on Black Friday. Like the HP we talked about on Friday, you’ll have to manually select this graphics card and enter HOLIDAYS10 at checkout to get the full price.

You can also use the configurator to get a 3070 Ti on this same link for $ 1,710 after the coupon code, but I would just choose the HP equipped with the NZXT or 3080 for that much money.

You’ll find plenty of other Cyber ​​Monday PC deals if you also look at this RTX 3070-equipped Asus desktop for $ 1,600 at Best Buy, but I haven’t seen any others that I can easily recommend. If you ask me, the performance of a 3070 is too close to a 3060 Ti to justify the premium over HP’s offering.

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