Cowboy Bebop’s John Cho Calls the Netflix Series an ‘Expensive Work of Fanfiction’

Cowboy Bebop actor John Cho, who plays Spike Spiegel, describes the remake of Netflix live as a high-end work of fan fiction.

Actor John Cho recently launched a Netflix movie series adaptation, Cowboy Bebop, as an expensive act of fan fiction.

In an interview with Still Watching Netflix, Cho discussed his view of how live-action remakes on Netflix are “the most expensive work of fan fiction ever,” explaining the impact the original anime had on the series’ portrayal and how it guided everyone involved in the production. What Chu called “bananas.”

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Cho touched on how he drew from various sources of inspiration while playing Spike, citing Bruce Lee and the source material as some of the biggest influences for his version of the character. He pointed out how Lee was even inspired by the various influences to revive his shows and how Cowboy Bebop It is the perfect way for Cho to express himself as a byproduct of the things that inspire him.

adaptation Cowboy BebopAnnounced in 2020, it follows the events of the original anime from the creator Sunrise. Its story revolves around Spike Spiegel (Chou), Faye Valentine (Daniela Pineda) and Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), bounty hunters who hunt down some of the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. The series also features some notable characters such as Vicious (Alex Hassell), a member of the Red Dragon Guild, and his wife Julia (Lucy Currey). The two are significant in Spike’s personal story, given that Spike was once part of the guild alongside Vicious. I’m still watching Netflix and also making a real fake Ein error, Cowboy BebopA super intelligent dog, in the process of filming the show, he is played by Welch Corgis Charlie and Harry.

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The original anime ran for one season before it was canceled. However, it is considered one of the best anime series by many, and is the inspiration for the 2001 movie Cowboy Bebop: Knock on Heaven’s Door Many video games take place in the same universe. The Netflix mod seeks to give the anime more depth by allowing more characters to shine through, including Vicious and Julia.

The first season of cowboy bebop, which was released on Netflix on November 19, was met with negative reviews from critics. Although the series’ ending perfectly sets up a follow-up season, Netflix has yet to reveal whether the show will continue beyond the first season.

The first season of Cowboy Bebop Currently streaming on Netflix.

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