Deleted scenes from “The Beatles: Get Back” we’ll never see

Peter Jackson’s documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back” premiered at Disney+ over Thanksgiving weekend. The three-episode special, which lasted 470 minutes, was cut out of more than 60 hours of original studio footage and 150 hours of audio recordings.

To maintain continuity, simplify the features and get the final uptime in less than eight hours, the following moments have been modified:

Day 1: Paul appears at Twickenham Studios with 11 new songs, as well as a formula for an unknown future pandemic vaccine he jotted down the booth on his way.

the second day: Peter Sellers drops by Twickenham to say hi to Ringo, his partner in the upcoming movie, “The Magic Christian”. The visit is interrupted when Yoko Ono asks the vendors if he will call her estranged husband’s divorce attorney and threatens him with Clouseau’s voice.

Day 3: Paul, George, and Ringo arrive to find that John and Yoko have covered the entire Twickenham studios with bed sheets. Before passing on the scaffolding, John declared the Beatles “bigger than Christo.”

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the fourth day: George briefly quit the band after Paul gently criticized the way he patted a packet of cigarettes on his palm.

Day 5: Pete Best hinges, and the toilet separates.

the sixth day: After lunch, George invited Hare Krishna to a Twickenham mat, and announced that he was going back to school to become a substance abuse counselor. Recording engineer Glenn Jones convinces him to leave the carpet or it will take another nine hours to recreate the vocal levels.

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the seventh day: The band rejects further suggestions by director Michael Lindsey Hough for an outdoor concert. Among them: a burning orphanage, Queen Elizabeth’s large purse, Tom Jones’s pants, a Wakanda, the gap between Terry Thomas’ teeth, the surface of Brian Epstein’s pharmacist and Stonehenge.

the seventh day: (Audio only) An alleged 30 minute screaming match between Paul and John. Audio was determined to be unusable because the microphone was hidden in a two-door flower pot below the studio in Twickenham Florists.

Eighth day: George briefly quit the band after John explained why he referred to Glenn Jones as the stage actress and singer for “Glenys Jones”. George claims to have actually come up with that nickname, but no one has heard of it because it’s the quiet Beetle. During the heated seven-minute debate, Paul wrote the entire words for “Send in the Clowns” on the back of a handkerchief, shoving them into his jacket pocket, where they remained for three and a half years until Stephen Sondheim mysteriously discovered them in Manhattan. Dry cleaner.

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Ninth day: The twenty-eighth shot of “The Long and Winding Road” is shattered when Yoko tugs the hair loudly behind the ear.

Day 9-10: After the Beatles moved from Twickenham to Apple Studios, eight hours of nightly security footage emerged of Jerry and the Heartbeat Makers, Dave Clark Five, Freddy, Dreamers and Cliff Richard rummaging through the trash for lyrics.

Tenth day: Longtime road manager Mal Evans was briefly fired after being too long at the loading dock and unavailable to write 112 lyrical changes to “Let it Be,” as well as two dozen ingredients added to Paul’s recipe for Shepherd’s pie.

Eleventh day: On the advice of future Beatles manager Allen Klein, John signs a waiver with Lindsay Hogg that allows footage from any future colonoscopy to be used in the documentary.

Twelfth day: George briefly quits the band when Ringo wears a woolen outfit (he puts a cylinder-shaped tea towel over his head) and anticipates that he will one day be sued by the Chiffons for plagiarism.

Thirteenth day: Executives from EMI show off and introduce each band member with a Platinum Ash Tray, which represents one million cigarettes inhaled during the recording session.

Fourteenth day: Yoko only laughs 60 hours after the footage when she announces that she has changed her name to Michael Lindsey Huko.

Fifteenth day: George receives a new loudspeaker from Leslie’s closet, a gift from pal Eric Clapton. Clapton includes a note: “Please use the packing box and return address to ship your spouse.”

Fifteenth day: During his lunch break, Paul comes up with the blueprints for converting Billy Preston’s electric piano into an electric piano/car. Later, on his way home from training, Paul cut the cricket between England and Pakistan, grabbed Hofner’s violin bass by the neck and hit a six to win a Test match.

Sixteenth day: Producer George Martin contacts Prime Minister Harold Wilson and convinces him to release the UK’s strategic tea reserves to continue until the end of the rehearsals.

Day 17: The rehearsal was called off after electronics expert on Beatles “Magic Alex” Mardas attempted to hook station manager George Rosewood through Leslie’s locker and the late Leslie Howard. George is a furious rehearsal that was canceled before he could leave the band.

Eighteenth day: After filming 98, the band canceled the German version of “Dig a Pony.” digging pony.

Nineteenth day: Ditching his instant shooting technique, Lindsay-Hogg needs 17 shots of Ringo handing Yoko a stick of gum before declaring the lighting “satisfactorily improvised.”

Day 20: London-born 13-year-old Hilary Farr (née Labo), 40 years after hosting ‘Love it Or List It’, convinces an Apple receptionist to give her £5,000 in petty cash to upgrade and organize the deck.

Day 21: London police refused access to the roof, spending 45 minutes dusting Linda Eastman and her daughter looking for prints.

Day 21: While the band listens to a rooftop concert mix, George finally gets some attention, winning the daily “Thinnest Beatle” contest and breaking John’s 20-day streak. The prize, a half-eaten biscuit, was presented by Peter Sellers dressed as Twiggy.

Give a reward!!!!

Day 386: Despite being John and Allen Klein for the Apple Master bar, Phil Spector shoots locks anyway.

Day 18271: 22 minutes of Peter Jackson’s personal assistant on hold with Disney+ customer service before disconnecting.

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