Drushyam 2 Movie Review: Outsmarting The Police 

Movie: Drushyam 2
Evaluation: 2.75 / 5
Rajkumar Theaters, Suresh Productions
spit: Venkatesh, Meena, Kruthika, Sampath Raj, Nadia, Naresh, Tanikila Barani and others.
Music: Anoop Robbins
editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Director of Photography: Satish Krupp
Producers: Suresh Babu, Anthony Perumbavor, Rajkumar Sethupathi
Directed by: Yeto Youssef
date of publication: November 25 2021
flow: Amazon Prime

The sequel to the critically acclaimed and crowd pleaser is here. “Drushyam 2” starring Venkatesh and Meena went for an OTT live broadcast.

The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

a story:
Set in Rajavaram, the first part of “Drushyam” Prambabu (Venkatesh) ends with the success of a cover-up of his crime and the failure of the police to prove his crime. They could not find the body of Police Officer’s son Geetha Prabhakar (Nadia).

Six years later, the police are still trying to corner him in the case, and Rambabu plans to produce a movie with the help of acclaimed writer Vinay Chandra (Tanikila Barani).

Police officers led by Gotham Sahu (Sampath Raj) devised a perfect plan to send Rambabu to prison. But Rambabu is smarter than the police.

What antidote he has in store this time?

Artist Shows:
Compared to the first part, Rambabo’s character fades away. This is also reflected in Venkatesh’s performance. The great actor does justice to the role. But the performance lacks the same sharpness he showed in the first part.

Mina gets more screen time in this sequel as she perfectly plays the anxious housewife.

Among other characters, Nadia also scored. Tanikila Brani is a fine writer.

Technical Excellence:
Filmed during the second wave of the Corona virus. Despite the limitations, cinematographer Satish Kurup shot it well, given a decent quality.

The pace of the movie is deliberately slow. R Samala dialogues elegant. Anoop Robin’s music lacks influence.

a story
separator evolution
The ultimate thrill element

It contradicts at times

Venkatesh Star “Drochiam 2” is a strange movie. Well, we are not talking about its content. Take a look at these facts before reading the review.

The film is a sequel to the movie “Drushyam” (2014). Additionally, this is also a new version of Malayalam movie. Moreover, the original Malayalam version starring Mohanlal premiered live on Amazon Prime Video early this year and was one of the most widely watched Hindi films on the digital space. However, it was reproduced by the same director in Telugu and the film is now being shown on the same platform.

After watching the original Malayalam version, comparisons naturally come to mind. To put a simple sentence – “Drushyam 2” is Xerox’s version of “Drishyam 2” (Malayalam), except for some minor changes.

For those who have already seen the Malayalam version, this movie does not give much away. However, if we stop by the comparisons, then Venkatesh “Drushyam 2” can be called a decent thriller.

Director Jethu Joseph has come up with a solid story and script for Part Two as well. A clever combination of developments in Part 1 and Rambabu’s new schemes to save his family does well. The suspense element stays alive here.

The film begins on a boring note and continues on family situations for approximately 40 minutes. When boredom starts to creep in, Jethu Joseph cleverly pulls the rug out and introduces a major story twist right in the time lapse.

The whole second half put us guessing how Rambabu would save his family. In the first part, Venkatesh is shown as a film and cable operator. Here, he is a wannabe theater owner and producer. In both parts, Rambabo’s “storytelling” techniques play a major role in protecting his family.

Writer and director Jeeth Joesph’s greatest strength is the combination of the protagonist’s “filmmaking knowledge” to tell this story. With the last stunt Rambabu pulls off, the audience will be stunned. This is Jeethu’s narration in the later parts.

However, the second part does not have the same emotional core as the first – saving his daughter. It’s about excelling in police intelligence though some parts are contrived, especially with the forensic episode.

Having said that, “Drushyam 2” is a touching family drama if you haven’t watched the Malayalam version. Even if you’ve seen it, the Telugu version makes the watch fit.

minimum: Good OTT watch

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