Emergency Loans for Bad Credit In 2022: Top 5 Loan Places for Quick Loans

You cannot plan everything that happens, so it is normal to run into a situation that requires money you did not budget. So, you can understand why emergency loans with bad credit are vital, especially in urgent cases. Regular bank lending procedures are lengthy and tiring for standard requests, especially if you have a low credit rating. So many people seek better options.

There are various online lending platforms you can borrow from, but it is essential to find out which one is right for you. Thus, there are several things you must check for, including the fairness of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). We will highlight some of these features in this review of the top 6 lending platforms.

Online Lenders for Emergency Loans

A typical lending platform is a marketplace for borrowers and personal loan lenders to meet and get what they want. Usually, it allows you to borrow between $200 and $5000, but the value you can borrow may be higher for some websites. We researched several lending sites based on user experience, and the best are as follows:

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform for Emergency Loans On the Market
  2. Bad Credit Loans: Most Popular Loan Company for Urgent Loans for Bad Credit
  3. RadCred: Well Known Direct Lenders for Quick Cash and to Borrow Money Instantly
  4. Cash USA: Reputed Lending Platform for Loans for Bad Credit Instant Approval
  5. Personal Loans: Trusted Financial Institution for Personal Loans with Bad Credit

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform for Emergency Loans On the Market


MoneyMutual is an online resource for people to get loans without much hassle. It provides a platform for borrowing money that is more straightforward than the regular bank procedures. However, it is vital to note that they are not the lenders but only provide an avenue to connect people who need loans to the lenders.

MoneyMutual takes away the long and stressful money lending procedure, especially for emergency loans. Therefore, the company does not interfere with the lending process, allowing you to negotiate directly. Starting in 2010, the founders desired to make it easy for average people to access quick funds.

Based in Las Vegas, MoneyMutual aims to provide solutions with short and long-term lending options. Thus, the platform is free, and you can even find a lender minutes after submitting a request. Filling the form does not take much time, but approval is subject to the lender’s review and other personal terms and features they may require.


  • Straightforward Process: One thing enhancing the swiftness of MoneyMutual’s process is simplicity. The form is brief and takes less than five minutes to complete. After that, a lender gets in touch with you, and everything progresses from that point until you receive the cash.
  • Safe and Secure: MoneyMutual is a safe platform to use as they ensure the protection of customer data. This feature is vital because the borrowing process involves providing personal information about your income and checking account. However, they only require essential information to process the loan request, and the web pages have a “certified secure” badge from Trusted site®.
  • No Time Wasting: Since the process is straightforward, clients do not waste as much time as a regular process for borrowing from banks. There are no bottlenecks or frustrating procedures after filling out the initial request form. This feature makes it an excellent platform for seeking emergency loans; as you know, it will be quick.
  • Excellent Customer Service: MoneyMutual also offers exceptional service to ensure a smooth experience for you. There is an opportunity for users to make inquiries whenever they want. You can contact the support team through email or their hotline. That means the customers can get quick help to solve any issues they encounter while applying for a loan.
  • Provides User Resources: MoneyMutual offers other resources for customers to enjoy besides the lender platform. Their website has information explaining credit card cash advance, payday loans, and other frequently asked questions. It also contains a guide for a better understanding of bad credit loans and their repayment.


  • Quick and straightforward process
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Great customer reviews
  • Provides free resources
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Excellent customer service
  • User-friendly web pages with sitemap
  • Free for potential borrowers
  • Member of the Online Lender Alliance


  • Does not protect against any arising issues
  • Unavailable in some states

Customer Experience

MoneyMutual has over two million users from various places in the country. The one thing they have in common is their experience with the platform. Customers commend the ease and speed of filling the request form and receiving the cash after approval. They claim the terms are fair and typical, and most of them say they would use them again or recommend them to others.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Most Popular Loan Company for Urgent Loans for Bad Credit


The Bad Credit Loans Website operator is a limited liability company called Chief LLC in Nevada. They aim to help you and others looking for emergency loans and other funds online. The platform works by connecting potential clients to lenders. That means they only provide the platform and set up the marketplace for borrowers to access the funds they seek.

Therefore, the company is not directly involved in the lending process, although they give some basic requirements for both parties to use their platform. Bad Credit Loans features a vast network of licensed lenders and is not responsible for any additional conditions the lender request before providing loans. However, the unique feature is that many are not specific about the borrower’s credit scores.

The service is free, and the Bad Credit Loans operator does not collect any hidden charges from borrowers. The process is quick and transparent, so time-wasting is not a concern. It also has other unique features we will highlight.


  • Best for People with Bad Credit: Securing bank loans is hard for many people because of the specific requirements like a high credit score. Thankfully, that may not affect your chances of getting a lender on this platform. That is because many lenders on the platform are not as interested in the client’s credit score. That means you can get an emergency loan as long as you are willing and able to pay it back in time.
  • Guaranteed Privacy and Security: Bad Credit Loans guarantee that your information is safe and not available to anyone. Their website is secure, and your data is only accessible to the various lenders who would need to review your request. That way, it ensures you do not get random messages from people, and your privacy is intact.
  • Loan Request Limit: The average online lending platform allows a maximum borrowing limit of $5000, but it is higher at Bad Credit Loans. They realize funds for emergency loans may increase depending on why you need them. Hence, you can borrow up to $10000 using this platform as long as you meet the lender’s conditions.
  • Provides Needful Information: The Bad Credit Loans website is beneficial for more than merely securing loans. It also affords you needful information on related topics to help build a better financial life. For example, they explain the different types of scams and how to spot them. Also, they give tips on taking out a loan and budgeting plans to help faster payment.
  • Repay in Installments: The repayment plan for Bad Credit Loans is suitable for anyone because it allows you to pay in installments. That means there is no pressure to repay all the money at once when you take out emergency loans. The lenders also give a fair installment plan, allowing you to remit monthly. So, borrowing from them does not strain your finances.


  • 100% free
  • 24-hour service
  • Extended network of licensed lenders
  • Simple application process
  • Privacy and security guaranteed
  • Provides other credit-related services
  • Installment payment for emergency loans
  • Higher loan request limits
  • Enlightenment about scams


  • Unavailable in some states

Customer Experience

Bad Credit Loans customers are usually satisfied with their services, which shows in the reviews. Users claim the platform is secure, so you do not have to worry about privacy concerns with them. According to many customer reviews, you can access the website operators easily through the available channels, and the scam information is always helpful.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. RadCred: Well Known Direct Lenders for Quick Cash and to Borrow Money Instantly


RadCred has a high ranking in the industry because it is one of the most trusted online lending platforms with an extensive network. The website owners invest much money in ensuring they guarantee client security to protect your personal information. The request process for emergency loans is also straightforward and swift, so you move to the next stage quickly.

You can fill out the form in minutes, and once you meet the basic requirements, you get connected to a lender. Thus, the method is convenient for everyone. However, the lenders follow federal and tribal rules, so rates and costs depend on these external agencies and may be higher than state-licensed agencies.

Thankfully, the whole process is fair, including the rates and the primary conditions clients must meet to be eligible for loans. RadCred also provides information on third-party lenders if none on their platform can offer you a loan. That way, you still get an opportunity to apply elsewhere based on their referral.


  • Quick Responses and Transfers: RadCred is excellent for emergency loans because they respond quickly to requests. The money transfer is also instant once a lender approves the loan, and it gets to your account within 24 hours. Thus, the process is straightforward and does not require unnecessary waiting time.
  • Standard Security Measures: RadCred has one of the most reliable and safe web pages when considering such platforms. They have an encrypted website with industry-standard security measures to prevent a privacy breach. Thus, they provide sustainable protection for the users’ information and only share necessary data with potential lenders.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Platforms involving money and personal information can confuse new users who often require support. Thus, RadCred ensures that its customer service reps are always available during business hours. They respond to inquiries and other issues users might have while navigating the website or during a loan process.
  • Complies with the Lenders Alliance: RadCred is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and follows its rules. They keep you fully informed and treat everyone fairly regardless of who you are. Thus, this platform abides by the code of conduct and the best practices the OLA recommends.
  • No Hidden Charges: RadCred assures that their service is 100% free without any hidden charges, even on loans. This feature is vital because some lending companies may want to take advantage of the lack of knowledge of some users. You do not need to pay for the form review or referral to a lender on this platform.


  • Easy application process
  • Quick lender response
  • Fast funds transfer
  • Secure website
  • Member of the Online Lenders Alliance
  • Helpful customer support reps
  • User-friendly website
  • Allows monthly payment for various loan types
  • Interested in consumer satisfaction


  • APR depends on the lender
  • No loan approval guarantee

Customer Experience

One of the primary reasons RadCred is an excellent platform is that they prioritize user experience. Many customers commend them, especially for the instant money transfer on agreement with a lender. According to multiple reviews, the platform also has client support reps to respond to your messages and solve any issues.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. Cash USA: Reputed Lending Platform for Loans for Bad Credit Instant Approval


CashUSA is a fast financial platform for borrowing cash and is excellent for emergency loans. The process is quick and convenient, and the lenders have the most competitive rates. The service is free to use, and the only conditions you must meet are the basic terms to qualify you for a loan.

That is essential because it is possible for those factors and other information on the request form to impact your loan offers. However, it depends primarily on the lenders and their preferences, depending on how they operate. Though Cash USA is not directly involved, they ensure that there is fairness in these processes.

Cash USA’s loan request procedure provides everyone with a platform to secure cash to meet specific needs. It has a higher maximum amount of $10000, although the availability depends on the lender, and your stay may affect that. It also has several unique features we will highlight, including a commitment to user security.


  • Fast and Convenient Emergency Loans: Getting emergency loans from Cash USA is a good experience because of this feature. It allows you to go through the process that would take days or weeks in some other places fast. That makes it convenient for clients as you can get approval in minutes after filling out the request form for review.
  • Customer Safety and Security: Cash USA shows a prioritized interest in the safety and security of people who use the platform. Hence, it uses industry-standard encryption and other measures to protect your personal information. That helps preserve the customers’ privacy and ensures only the lenders have access to the needful data.
  • Easy Loan Repayment Process: The ease of repayment is similar to getting the cash into your account. Usually, each lender may have a different process which they inform you of before you accept the offer. They may take the money directly from your account as you approach the deadline. However, you can ask about other methods to ensure better options.
  • Competitive APR: The APR used by the lenders on Cash USA is competitive compared with other platforms. There is a usual range to expect, but it differs based on the lender and the state of residence. However, the rates are fair and help ensure that you can pay back a good time without breaking the bank.
  • Helpful Education Center: CashUSA has a resourceful education center on its website for users to access. It contains a blog with up-to-date economic tips, budgeting, and financial stability information. This feature provides clients with data on money-related issues that would help them make better decisions.


  • Higher loan limit
  • Quick emergency loans
  • Large customer base with good reviews
  • Free platform with competitive rates
  • Informative education center
  • Website safety and security
  • User-friendly platform


  • Loan amounts depend on lenders
  • Few options for installment repayment

Customer Experience

Cash USA guarantees an excellent experience for all its users as it is not a new loan platform. There are great reviews from the thousands of customers who used their services. Many claim the process is smooth and quick as lenders contacted them within minutes of filling the request form. This feature helped several people who claimed they would recommend it.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans: Trusted Financial Institution for Personal Loans with Bad Credit


Personal Loans is a reliable platform with an extensive lender network that is accessible at any time. Though its base is in Utah, it operates primarily online with a convenient design for every customer. Hence, a user-friendly website with a sitemap is necessary to simplify navigation.

One unique feature of Personal Loans is the maximum amount of money you can get from the lenders. That applies to the terms and conditions they offer for each loan, which may differ in some states. The APR range is also similar to that of other platforms but may depend on specific factors for each person.

Generally, there are many benefits to using Personal Loans, including free service. They care about the clients and ensure you get the funds directly to your bank account. You can also get fast emergency loans without the stress involved with other financial platforms.


  • Maximum Loan Amount: For similar platforms, the highest amount you can get is about $5000, but some allow $10000. Meanwhile, you can borrow up to $35000 using Personal Loans, an excellent feature. It provides you with the opportunity to engage in large projects within a short time without money issues.
  • Extended Network of Lenders: Personal Loans has numerous licensed lenders ready to provide funds for qualified people. They have set rules and best practices to ensure a smooth and fair process for anyone who wants to borrow. However, a lot depends on them, so they must provide you with information on their terms before you accept their offer.
  • Competitive Loan Rates: There are rates for the loans that lenders must use, but each can fall at any point in the range. Thus, it is peculiar to the different individuals, and they must inform the customers. Meanwhile, some states have APR limits, which may be in your favor depending on where you live.
  • Repay in Installments: The easiest way to repay a loan is in installments, and Personal Loans help to make that possible. You get a monthly payment plan that works for you as you refund a specific amount until the money is complete. This process also depends on the lenders but usually follows a general approach.
  • Data Security: Personal Loans also shows concern for the clients and their individual information by ensuring security. The website provides protection using advanced data encryption technology for all its web pages. Thus, you can be sure that they will only be accessed by potential lenders or other relevant third parties when given permission.


  • Highest maximum loan amount
  • Direct transfer to your account
  • Free and fast emergency loans
  • Multiple lenders on the network
  • Various credit-related products and services
  • Allows monthly repayments
  • Reliable data security


  • Approval may be based on credit score
  • Lending regulations vary

Customer Experience

Personal Loans is a convenient platform that guarantees all customers a unique experience. Many clients commend their website for being user-friendly and easy to navigate. For some, the highlight is that you can borrow money for large projects and get the funds transferred directly to your account.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

#6. FundsJoy

FundsJoy is a platform known primarily for its reliable lending network that can connect you to companies offering emergency loans. The brand aims to give people a convenient opportunity and experience when borrowing cash for urgent needs. Thus, it takes away the hassle that comes with the normal process of trying to secure funds from banks.

This platform implements a quick and transparent procedure for every user to avoid time-wasting and discrimination. All the features are accessible to everyone, including people who have not used the website before. It is also easy to use since the whole process is online and doesn’t require your physical presence.

Also, FundsJoy does everything to ensure the safety of clients who need quick loans. They encourage users to keep in touch, welcoming questions and suggestions that can make the website better. That ensures the continued provision of value-enhancing customer experience.


  • Transparent Process: FundsJoy operates via a transparent and convenient process, which means there is no bias. The system is fair to all users regardless of background and demographics. Thus, you do not have to worry about any shady deals or agreements as they ensure the welfare of all clients.
  • Reliable Lender Network: The lenders attached to this platform are reliable with all the loan details. They offer competitive costs and rates and have the best repayment plans. However, you must note that it is not FundsJoy that determines these terms, so lenders have different requirements, and some of them may request credit checks.
  • Free and Straightforward Service: The platform is free for users who want to borrow money, whether for emergency loans or other reasons. There are no internal or subscription charges, and the service is straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps as described on the website, starting with filling out the request form.
  • Protects Client Information: FundsJoy ensures client security by protecting your data. The website is safe and trusted, using the standard encryption and cyber security measures to keep your information safe. They prove that they care for the customers by promoting safety, not merely their business.
  • Optimized Platform: Besides the safety, the FundsJoy website is also optimized and user-friendly. It allows easy navigation, and this feature makes the processes as quick as possible. Thus, this automated system also adds to their platform’s transparent nature, making the experience the same for each user.


  • Reliable lending network
  • Transparent loan process
  • Free and straightforward service
  • Provides data security
  • Quick, automated system
  • Sustainable connection with respectable lenders
  • Needs minimal requirements


  • Not available in all the states
  • Loan renewal is rarely available

Customer Experience

Using FundsJoy to secure emergency loans is beneficial to their customers based on the feedback. Many people get an opportunity to work through urgent situations without stress and pay back loans in good time. This platform also cares for client security and encourages clients to reach out to them if there are any concerns.

Factors to Check Before Taking Emergency Same Day Loans

Trying to secure emergency loans might be trickier than the regular ones because of the time limit. You need to get the funds quickly, so there is a chance you can overlook some vital information. There are specific factors to look for when you want to borrow cash urgently, as we will discuss subsequently.

  • The Minimum and Maximum Loan Amounts

The minimum and maximum available amounts are usually at the top of the online lending websites. They are there because it is vital to notice before you proceed so you know if you are in the right place. Ensure that the platform you choose can accommodate the cash you want before looking at other factors.

Note that submitting a request does not guarantee receiving a loan if you don’t meet the criteria. Therefore, you must check the standard conditions for qualifying before you apply. Every platform has some minimum requirements for checking if you are eligible, including age and job status.

After submitting your loan request, you get matched or connected to a willing and suitable lender. They then provide you with specific information containing all their terms and conditions. The law requires everyone in the network to ensure they give as many details to the borrower to avoid blindsiding, so review them well.

The interest rates or APR the lender uses are vital in their information. Ensure that the figures are within the specified range and that it is not more than what your state allows. On review, you can see or calculate how much you have to repay, and you can reject the offer if it does not suit you.

Another essential feature is the repayment schedule and the time limit to complete the payment. It must not be too tight a period, and the options should be reasonable to allow ease and convenience. One of the most suitable is the opportunity to refund in smaller amounts of monthly installments.

How to Get Emergency Loans Online

Securing emergency loans can be straightforward if you have the proper knowledge. All you must do is put everything in place and follow the proper steps as highlighted below:

  • Compare the Different Platforms

There are different online platforms for getting loans, so you must first figure out which one is right for you. Look through their features and check websites where possible. It would also help to read reviews and customer experiences, so you know what to expect before choosing.

  • Specify the Amount and Ensure Eligibility

Specifying the amount is also necessary when applying for emergency loans because it informs your choice of platform. After that, you can check the essential requirements and ensure you meet them and are eligible to apply. That means you can at least get lenders to offer you the minimum amount.

When you eventually get an offer from a lender in the network, you should take time to review the rates. From the specified range, you can tell if it is suitable for you and if it complies with the rules and regulations. That applies especially if your state has other limits that they must take note of to ensure convenience.

After reviewing all the necessary information, you can choose a lender to get the loan. Note that you are not obligated to accept any offer you feel is not favorable for you. Ensure you are comfortable and in complete agreement with everything they include in their terms before signing.

Lastly, you must make appropriate repayment plans beyond the lender’s schedule. While it is vital to ensure that part is manageable, start making the necessary moves to ensure you can refund the money on time. This preparation prevents you from becoming a defaulter by putting you in a better position to pay back.

Alternatives for Fast Loans for Bad Credit

Regular emergency loans are easier to secure with these online platforms at reasonable rates. However, you may not want to take such risks or are wary about the APR and other terms and conditions. That is understandable, and there are some alternative ways to get the funds you need without them.

Credit unions are member-owned cooperative institutions that are a little similar to banks. They allow you to deposit and borrow money, but the highlight is that they do not operate for profit. Therefore, the interest rates are usually lower than that of the regular banks, which is beneficial to you in the long run.

The credit union helps you save money and even build your credit score as you put in funds to your account. It is relatively safe and does not incur any risks like other financial institutions. However, you must be a registered member to enjoy the benefits they provide, and they lend based on your ability to repay.

There are several ways you can obtain a cash advance, depending on what you need. The first way is to get an amount or specific percentage of your future salary from your employer. It may not work for everyone because some companies do not allow such because of their policy, but it works for emergency loans.

Another method of getting a cash advance is through your credit card, but this one usually has an interest rate. Also, it depends on credit score and typically comes with a fee and other payments that may accrue up to 20%. Before applying, you have to go through the available information to determine the terms and conditions.

A lending pool or circle is a group of people who set some money aside each month as some form of savings. It can be with coworkers, friends, family members, or others with a common interest. It works because each person takes a turn to collect the whole amount as they would not have that individually.

There is usually a schedule for who takes the funds each month, but anyone with an emergency can put in a request. You get the money you need, and all you have to do is forfeit your next turn. However, such groups may have conditions depending on the dynamics and prior agreements.

  • Borrowing from Family and Friends

Borrowing money from your friends or family members is one of the easiest ways to raise the funds you want. It is reliable and straightforward, and you may not even pay back with interest because of your relationship with them. Even if you cannot get all the needed amount from one person, you can collect from more than one.

However, it helps if you are an honest and trustworthy person. Most people avoid such transactions for fear of not getting paid back, which might reduce your chances. Also, try not to collect more than you need to ensure you do not have too much debt, even if there is no interest rate.

FAQs about Quick Cash Loans

Q1. Can bad credit scores affect applications for emergency loans?

Sadly, yes. Having a bad credit score can reduce your chances of getting emergency loans from some platforms. Thankfully, websites like Bad Credit Loans and others may overlook such factors when reviewing your request. Other individual lenders may also offer you a loan regardless of the condition.

Q2. Will being unemployed reduce my chances of getting a loan?

Yes, a state of unemployment can affect your chances of getting a loan in many instances. Many people lend money because you will not default payment, which may be difficult without a job. That is why most of the minimum requirements state that you must work for at least 2-3 months before you are eligible.

Q3. What is the maximum amount I can get?

The maximum you can get depends on various factors, including your credit score in some cases. Generally, different websites have the highest amount they lend, ranging from $5000 to $35000. It also differs for each lender, considering the availability and how much they believe you can pay back within the given time.

Q4. Are interest rates higher for emergency loans?

No, interest rates should not be higher for emergency loans than others. Generally, there is an approved range for the APR on each platform, so the lenders must comply. That means you cannot get funds below or above the specified values, but it depends on the individual and what they decide to charge.

Q5. How long does the request process take?

Like other aspects of the loan process, the request does not take long, except no lenders make an offer. Typically, they review your eligibility and other criteria, and if it matches their conditions, you can get a response within minutes. However, if you do not connect with anyone in the network, the platform may suggest third parties.

Q6. Will I get the loan immediately after approval?

After the approval of your loan request, the lender sends you some information stating the rate and other terms. It is then up to you to review these conditions and accept or reject the offer presented. If the former, you sign an agreement with the other party and can now expect the funds in your account.

Conclusion: Platforms for Cash Loans for Bad Credit

Getting emergency loans for bad credit is more accessible because of the various online platforms available. However, you must know the essential things to look for before accepting any offer, no matter how reliable the platform is. That saves you from committing to terms that may be unfavorable in the future.

It is vital to understand that borrowing funds are a short-term solution, though it is efficient. Therefore, you must also seek more qualified financial advice during this process to avoid mistakes. Essentially, ensure the offer is right for you and make a workable payment plan from the beginning.

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