‘Encanto’ Leads Offshore Studio Weekend – International Box Office – Deadline

Update to the latest..: We’re in sort of keeping a pattern at the international box office, with big year-end titles still in the wings. This weekend was all about pending business – and some other market shots on major photos already released elsewhere. Debut in the last frame, Disney Charm, leads the session back for studios with a strong 30% drop, adding $20.7 million From 49 physical markets for foreign products from $58.1 million A global total of $116.1 million.

Positive word of mouth helps drive musical animation, with France, Italy, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico taking first place in this session. But the Asia Pacific region has been frustrated. The top performers so far are France ($6.5 million), Colombia ($5.9 million), the United Kingdom ($4.2 million) and Russia ($3.5 million) linked to Italy and Korea.

MGM / Universal Gucci HouseMeanwhile, some impressive numbers are being formed. Lady Gaga Star added $14.8 million In 60 UNI / MGM markets combined to reach a total $33.6 million abroad and $67.2M worldwide. Russia Debuting No. 1 with 2.8 million dollars and four times greater than A star is born. Germany Ranked first with $ 1.9 million and in line with A star is born. The United kingdom It ranks #1 and now has $7.1 million. Other major currencies in the market include France ($3.4 million), Mexico ($2 million) and Spain ($1.7 million). Australia, Japan and Korea will come in 2022.

Debuting at No. 1 in Russia ($2.7 million) and Spain ($1.1 million) from Sony Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Increased taking it abroad 13.1 million dollars In session out of a total of 53 markets. Marine quantities are now $42.9 million With $145 million all over the world. France It was also a remake, landing #2 with $2 million. Come in the new year Australia and Japan.

Also from Sony, Poison: Let there be a massacre It was a toothy start in Japan With $5.5 million to lead the local charts. this is before shang chi by 109%, Black Widow by 107%, eternity by 55% and on par with poison the first. IMAX has taken in $800,000 from that start (+18% on poison) and an indicator of 15% of the national total for global IMAX access, valued at $17.2 million.

It was the full external session of the symbiote $9.8 million From 62 markets, bringing the global market to $272.3M and global $483.2M.

Tell everyone, China Schemes in antiques The overall leader overseas this weekend was 164.3 million yuan ($25.8 million) from the domestic market only. Described as the state’s answer to Indiana Jones, the holiday season has virtually kicked off the market.

Only yesterday the authorities dated the Warner Bros / Village Roadshow Resurrection Matrix – but in January after many potential artists outnumbered in 2021.

It is worth noting that it will be released worldwide next week is Steven Spielberg West side story From Disney/20th Century which begins overseas release on December 8th before a domestic release on December 10th.

CUMES / NOTABL has been updated variouslyNS
eternity (DIS): $5.8 million in international weekends (51 markets); $227.8 million / $384.3 million
Dune (World Bank): $5.1 million international weekend (69 markets); $277.6 million / $382.2 million worldwide
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (SNY): $4.2 million international weekend (39 markets); US$11.1 million international / XX
Clifford the big red dog (PAR): $3.8 million international weekend (21 markets); $5.5 million intl / XXX
no time to die (UNI/MGM): $3.64 million international weekend (95 markets); $604.4 million / $764 million global
King Richard (World Bank): $2.1 million international weekend (53 markets); $8.2 million / $21.6 million worldwide
*sing 2 (UNI): $1.12 million international weekend (3 markets); $1.12 million (IPO begins December 22nd)
Last night in Soho (UNI): $517K international weekend (60 markets); $12 million / $22.1 million worldwide
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