ETSU professors publish books on politics | News

Professors in the Department of Political Science, International Affairs, and Public Administration at East Tennessee State University produce important research.

Two faculty members have published books this year.

“These remarkable contributions to the discipline reinforce that our department is home to first-class scholars who conduct important research,” said Dr. Colin Glennon, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department. “Our faculty members model the primary role of teacher-researcher, someone who is deeply involved with students in the class and does notable research outside of it.”

Dr. Frederick Gordon’s book, “Destroying the Presidency: How Environmental Factors Affect Political Campaign,” assesses how the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 affected the 1928 and 1932 presidential elections. Gordon’s work is particularly timely given the realities of COVID-19, as Natural and environmental disasters on presidential campaigns, Gordon analyzes. He is the director of the Master of Public Administration program at ETSU.

Dr. John David Briley examines Richard Nixon’s victory in the 1968 presidential election—an unlikely justification, Brieley wrote, of a man described as a loser after failed presidential campaigns and gubernatorial campaigns—in “Rebuilding Nixon: From Defeat to the White House, 1962-1968.” His research deconstructs some of Nixon’s caricatures, revealing a more human side of the former president. Bareilly is an associate professor and sub-discipline coordinator in political science.

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