‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Renewed for Season 8 — Kim Dickens Returning

Long live Madison Clark! during Sunday dead talking, not only has it been revealed Fear of walking dead It was renewed for an eighth season, and it was announced Kim Dickens will reprise her role as Alicia’s mother, who was thought to have died since her return in Season 4 (click here to read how she was thought to have expired).

Due to the way the show’s original main lady left the show—or at least her unstoppable character—a lot of hype surrounded her impending return to the fold in the back half of Season 7. “If there was Mount Deadmore, Kim Dickens,” said Scott M. Gimbel. , chief content officer at walking Dead Universe, in a statement. Madison Clark is a main character of [our world] Heroic, complex, each person becomes a warrior and then a force of benevolence. Kim Dickens’ raw talent, strength and brilliance will make walking Dead the universe again, and we couldn’t be more fortunate in getting it back.”

On top of all that – yes, there was more – walking Dead The spinoff has dropped a season 7B trailer and revealed its return date: Sunday, April 17. In the heart-pounding clip, we get a good hint of just how intense Strand’s war against Alicia is. “You have your army,” Victor sings in a way that only Coleman Domingo can. “I own my own.”

Yes, yes, but will Alicia survive this fight And A pedestrian bite she’s convinced will soon turn her into a zigzag zombie? That remained to be a sight. Every post-apocalyptic drama will say that “in the second half of season seven, months have passed after the nuclear explosion, and the only one thriving is Victor Strand. Having built a fiefdom, he ruthlessly chooses who will have a chance in life. The other members of the group have suffered greatly. Big, but because of that came a fierce determination to live, even if it meant taking the Strand Tower by force and continuing to search for Padre, a legendary place no one was sure actually existed.

fear-the-walk-dead-regenerated-season-8-kim-decin-back-madison“Alicia, now the reluctant leader of Teddy’s ex-followers, is suffering from a mysterious illness and the repercussions of her past actions,” the letter continues. “Morgan, trying to maintain hope that he will be reunited with his family, knows that Alicia is the key to their survival. With Alicia declaring war, Strand’s paranoia and personal revenge grow, however, new threats emerge from all sides.”

Sounds like a fun time, right? Watch the Season 7B promo above, then hit the comments. Do you think that a series that was cruel enough to kill Rufus will allow Alicia to die before she is reunited with her mother?

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