Fox News: Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo mocked after You blunder

Two Fox News hosts go viral over what is believed to be a fatal mistake related to the TV show You are.

Laura Ingraham was presenting her talk show based on opinion and conservative news Ingraham angleWhen contributor Raymond Arroyo mentioned the Netflix show starring Ben Badgley.

He complained about “wake-up” TV, and referred to an episode of the serial killer drama in a segment titled: “The Numbers Don’t Lie: Viewers Love Unawakened TV.”

He was discussing a story in the final season involving the main character Joe (Badgley) and his infant son, who contracted measles from an unvaccinated family.

In the clip, Arroyo stated that “in You are…the measles came.” Ingraham acts confused and replies, “Wait, wait, wait, when did you mention measles?”

Arroyo replied, “It was working You are‘, which Ingraham says: ‘What was I to do? what are you talking about? I’ve never had measles.”

When Arroyo tried to point out that the “vaccine ring was on” You are’,” says Ingraham, laughing in apparent confusion: “We’ve never had a bout of a measles and vaccine. Is this a joke?”

Arroyo, looking increasingly frustrated, replied firmly, “She’s been working You are! of which Ingraham says: “Raymond, I’ve never had measles—what are you talking about? Are you stupid?”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham struggled to understand the existence of a TV show called ‘You’

(tik tok)

Hoping to make it clear, Arroyo says, “It was an episode of a show.” When asked the name of the show, Ingraham said:You are! It’s a show called You are on Netflix. “

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Then Ingraham asks, “There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?”

In the end, Arroyo gave in, saying, “I can’t explain this to you.”

The video has been widely shared Twitter and TikTok after the broadcast, with many sending Ingraham for not being able to understand what Arroyo was talking about.

The hosts were mocked by many, with some calling the slip “fun” and others “embarrassing.” On Twitter, Arroyo later claimed that the clip was “written” – although many responded skeptically.

Some have made comparisons with Who is the first?, the comedic routine that Abbott and Costello is famous for, in which Abbott identifies players on the baseball team who are interpreted as unresponsive answers to Costello’s mission.

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