‘I want to get old in a peaceful way’

Monica Bellucci, 57, has shared her feelings about aging in Hollywood. (Photo: Stefano Guidi/Getty Images)

Monica Bellucci, 57, is not afraid of getting old. Instead, it embraces the aging process.

Bellucci said in a new interview on Sunday Times Style magazine.

Bellucci avoids rigorous workouts and strict diets, and instead favors wine, pasta, and the occasional Pilates sessions. However, she does get enough exercise and diets “a little bit” when she has to work, all while keeping her sensible.

She said, “I’m not obsessed. I’ve always been a plump woman, and I’ve never been so skinny, that’s my nature. And I want to age in a peaceful way.” “When you’re 50 or 60, you don’t have the same needs as when you’re 20. They change, like when your child comes into the room, you see the first thing is her. We come in second. It gives us another perspective. “.

Thinking about her experience as a 50-year-old “Bond woman” in ghostThe Italian actress noted that her choice represented a “big change,” adding: “There are a lot of women who feel free to age in a different way.”

Bellucci prefers to look at aging in a “realistic” fashion.

“There are so many different moments in life,” Bellucci reflects. “When you are very young, you have what they call it in France Devil’s beautyThe beauty of the devil that is natural, it is the beauty of youth, the beauty of a biological moment in your life. And life goes on. The body is getting old and we have to deal with that. There is nothing we can do. At the same time we are lucky, because if we get older it means that we have a long life. As the body descends, the soul grows larger. “

Bellucci has two daughters, Deva, 17, and Leonie, 11, with ex-husband Vincent Cassel, whom she separated in 2013. Since then, the former couple have found a co-parenting style.

“We broke up a long time ago,” Bellucci said, “but at the same time when you’re a parent, you’re parents for life. It’s nice to have a relationship with kids when that’s possible.”

While Bellucci remains silent on the current state of her love life (“I think I have an age now, that age, and that gives me the right not to answer”), she is known to spend her time with sculptor and former model Nicolas Lefevre, 39.

As a mother who has experienced the tough sides of the entertainment business, Bellucci has said that she did not want her daughters’ education to be in constant conflict with men.

“We have come a long way, and today we have the courage to say things because there are women who have done it before us, but at the same time I do not believe in a war between men and women, I think we have to find common ground to communicate. I don’t want to teach my girls to be full of hate,” she said. This does not bring us anything. We have to find a way to talk.”

In the end, Bellucci said she was grateful she didn’t get started in the industry when she was a young teen.

“I’ve had some times, moments that weren’t always perfect,” Bellucci said. “But I started working when I was 18, 19… I wasn’t 14. And then when I worked in the cinema, I was coming from a situation in fashion, so I was really economically independent. I was fortunate to have never been in a situation where I couldn’t Deal with it. It’s a matter of luck, sometimes you just can’t stand up for yourself.”

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