Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Hand Holding Photos

Fraser Harrison/Getty Images, Cindy Ord/Getty Images for the Met Museum/Vogue

If you somehow manage to stay offline enough to miss this, a) congratulations (probably) your superior mental state b) Basically, Kim and Pete have been at the center of a lot of romantic rumors for a few weeks now, and it looks like they’ve now confirmed that they’re dating.

Well, shortly after the reports came out, photos surfaced of the couple holding hands:

Clint Brewer Photography / AIM / BACKGRID

The pictures are in Palm Springs, where they were celebrating Pete’s birthday – and as I was typing this, the laptop started making strange noises, so it’s obvious at least Something Very hot and annoyed by these photos.

Clint Brewer Photography / AIM / BACKGRID

Let’s take a moment to discuss what’s on everyone’s mind: yes, clothes. Pitt wears SKIMS pajama pants, specifically the ones he wore in a matching photo of Kim herself.

Clint Brewer Photography / AIM / BACKGRID

As for Kim, she’s wearing a pair of Yeezys. You know…like the Kanye West brand.

Clint Brewer Photography / AIM / BACKGRID

Plus, according to Sources, they’re “very happy,” so that’s cute.

Raymond Hall / JC Images / Getty Images

Not that anyone asked for my opinion, I’m one perpetual loser, but I’m torn between “that’s a PR thing” and “Yeah Kim, Pete looks really nice.”

Until next time, Carr Davidson!

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