Meagan Good Says She’s Considering Becoming A Gun Owner Amid Rise The Rise Of LA Home Invasions

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Meagan Good is considering becoming a registered gun owner amid rising home invasions in Los Angeles. The Think like a man The star sat down to chat with Charlamagne Tha God at his new Comedy Central This is God’s true truth The actress said she would feel “more comfortable” if she had a belt.

“For a long time I felt like I didn’t, but now with everything that’s going on, I’m going to feel more comfortable with the gun,” I told Morning show breakfast club Host. “Before my thought was if something happened to me, would I have time to pull out a gun to defend myself? “ The star added that she would never want to hurt anyone, but it’s all about self-defense. Charlemagne was curious to know what Judd’s loving hubby DeVon Franklin thought about her latest announcement, which she said she hadn’t spoken to about the idea.

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The problems with Good’s home invasion are real, as a number of celebrities have been robbed over the past year. Back in July, intruders broke into Rihanna’s lavish Los Angeles pillow. Months later, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dorit Kemsley had a vicious home burglary where she and her two children were actually present during the shocking incident. according to TMZ, The two thieves stole Kemsley’s expensive handbags, jewelry and watches. Fortunately, neither she nor her children were harmed during the scary hut.

Black women are becoming registered gun owners at a surprisingly high rate. Back in September, a study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported a slight increase in registered gun users, most of whom were black women.

In 2020 alone, 8.5 million people in the United States bought their first handguns. Black men and women made up more than 58 percent of registered gun owners “within the first six months of last year.” The study suggests that an increase in brutal police attacks and racially motivated killings may have caused the black gun ownership rate to rise.

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