Money Heist Recap, Season 5, Episode 9: Pillow Talk

Stealing money

pillow talk

Season 5

Episode 9

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We pick up where we left off: The Professor and the rest of the foundry crew are realizing that they’ve been robbed. Once everyone’s zip ties are severed, the Professor takes action, distributing Kevlar vests and rifles and rolling along with the rest of the crew to chase the trucks. Once they decide via GPS trackers that they are parked in a nearby quarry, The Professor sends a radio to Lisbon and Palermo to break the bad news. The trucks, in fact, are in the quarry … but they are completely empty, which means that the thieves unloaded 90 tons of gold in half an hour. Palermo realizes who all the evidence points. However, the professor would not believe it. Sure, Tatiana was there while they plotted against the monastery, but she only knew the goal, and Palermo closed the plans every night. Palermo and Lisbon both have to remind the professor that people are talking in bed. And when Berlin (apparently) spoke, Tatiana was listening very attentively. In a hut in the quarry, the professor found a video of the entrances to the reservoir; As soon as Tatiana’s crew saw the trucks entering, they knew it was only eight to ten hours before they came back, loaded. The professor imagines what they did by examining tire tracks and can tell that they dropped the ingots into two dump trucks and dunked them in the sand to hide them in plain sight.

Tatiana and Raphael’s plan is, of course, despicable for being so parasitic, but the compulsive arrangement within me may be what most disturbs me seeing all the carefully stacked gold bars left in such a random mess.

The professor finally decided that everyone needed to know the state of play and explained the situation to the rest of the gang. Lisbon adds that the hostages and the police do not discover that they have lost their gold or that they have lost a piece of toast. Then the professor asks everyone not to panic; They will take back the gold and extract the gang from the bank. The opening of the Tokyo novel, “This was the first time the professor had said something that no one believed.” This can’t be true for someone whose schemes are so big, but sentiment is high, and Tokyo is dead, so I guess I’m not going to try too hard to check that fact.

The next stage of the plan is for Marseilles to bring in a small team to hit the professor’s driving position, burn papers and load machines, and Ryo hack traffic cameras in search of dump trucks. They soon find out that they are actually watching an episode of old footage (the roads are wet, but it rained the day before – so I was Big weather happened, just not for the reason you expected); The technical know-how required for this purpose is also the advice of the Professor that Raphael is likely to be involved. The assumption is that if thieves mess with feeding on this Special They used it on the road, and since it is a side road, they are not trying to get gold anywhere; They must have buried her.

This guess is correct. After emptying the dump trucks and filling the pit, Rafael and Tatiana not only oversee the corner of a prefab above it, but they make it look like it’s been around forever…

…add a stone walkway, lawn, fence, flower beds, kennel, DOG*, and even a built-in sprinkler system. Tatiana and Raphael move away and fling.

Meanwhile, in the bank, Arteche disrupts the gang’s latest count while we get a mini flashback of Sagasta’s plan; The surgeons who have admitted to treating Vasquez are also soldiers so they can take part in his secret mission. Tamayo sends his people to hide in blind spots and wait for the signal from Arteche. There is a slight delay when Palermo enters the library to administer the Helsinki Outlook for Extraction. Palermo may doubt he can keep his promise to take Helsinki out, but Helsinki does not… which is, unfortunately, when Operation Trojan Horse takes off. Vasquez faked an epileptic fit. Surgeons ask Palermo to free them from their compressed ties to treat what they say is a possible subdural hematoma. Then Arteche comes out of the canals and falls on Palermo’s back. Palermo yells in Helsinki to shoot Artesh and the surgeons, but Helsinki—apparently very upset at the idea of ​​Artesh killing Palermo before Helsinki can kill her—gives up. Radio Arteche Tamayo that Sagasta is free and responsible, and Tamayo’s men blow the loading bay and lobby doors, along with the large windows above the main entrance. Gang members are arrested one and two at a time (Ryo is shot in the shoulder while being arrested); Everyone ends up in a circle in the hallway; Sagasta reported that the gang fell and there were no casualties on either side. There are flashbacks of one night during the planning phase when everyone except the Professor and Nairobi were drinking outside, and the Professor came out yelling at them for the lack of a mood to keep them focused during high stress; A voiceover in Tokyo tells us that the gang lost focus on this day because they were desperate to lose their gold and their faith in their leader. This Reason Palermo has turned his back on Sagasta and the hostages, but that’s certainly no excuse!

Anyway, Tamayo blows himself to get into the bank, takes the Lisbon radio, and gloats to the professor, who doesn’t believe it until Lisbon assures that they are all alive, but on their knees. He told Professor Tamayo that he had promised himself that he would go with them if the gang fell. As a gentleman, will Tamayo accept his surrender so that the Professor can go out in handcuffs with his comrades? I’m not sure if Tamayo’s nobility is the reason for Tamayo’s approval as much as the number of witnesses, but he does, ordering the hostages held in the library at the moment. On the way, Sierra demands to know if the Professor is trying to be a hero or a martyr. No. They still have a chance if he joins the gang, but he needs Sierra to take the rest of the foundry crew and find the gold. As she laughs bitterly at the idea, he reminds her that he was the most wanted man on earth, but only she She found it within hours while she was nine months pregnant. I think they should write her very last labor in dialogue because you’d never know it happened just hours ago if you look at her totally flat stomach. **

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Convinced, Sierra extends her hand for a handshake…

…but the professor pulled her into a hug instead—it’s her first since her husband’s death, she says, as well as her first real smile. He also has another favor to ask of her, but just make a mental note; We don’t know yet what it is. Given his obligations, it would be best for her not to try to borrow some money.

Then the professor has to grab a car to get back to Madrid. Fortunately, the driver is impressed. Fortunately, the car – a beautifully preserved red Beetle – really pops when the Professor drives it through a crowd of red-clad supporters.

Tamayo, the governor, and a few other high-ranking policemen enter the vault and train to ensure that Spain’s gold reserves are gone. As the economy would collapse once he announced that Spain no longer had any collateral, Tamayo ordered one of his men to fire intermittent bursts of fire upstairs to make it appear as if the gang was still holding the bank.

Not sure how long they’ll be able to maintain this illusion now that the professor has arrived? As he slowly approached the bank, we heard what Tokyo told at the end of that night that he shouted at them all: that the gang trusted him tacitly. You will have an ace in your sleeve. You will do a magic trick. That is why we return to the lion’s den. Even if they point tons of guns at us. Because we believe in you. Like a mantra. You are our faith. We believe that if all else fails, we will stay with you. Regardless No matter how bad things get, even if they beat us, even if it seems like there’s no hope, like we’re about to die, we keep believing. We know we’ll always have the professor.”

we No, because the next episode is THE SERIES FINALE. Go back to find out how many aces the professor still has up his sleeve.

• We rejoin Denver and Stockholm after intercourse because he confirms that he wants to stay with her. I work hard to take care of their relationship after the striptease bullshit last time around, but that’s where they end up…before they get caught up with anyone else, that is.

• *We’d better see evidence that a member of this crew has been assigned to move home, or I’d be very worried about Elvis, the dog.

• ** Sierra isn’t the only physical healing in the episode. As the professor walked into the bank, we got a shot of his left shoe to remind us that he was still splitting, but the way she split was clearly no longer a problem because he didn’t limp even a bit.

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