No Way Home Villains Talk Returning to Marvel

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx as Electro, and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

picture: Sony Pictures / Marvel

Almost since it was first reported a whole year ago, one of the most important things on everyone’s mind about Spider-Man: There is no room for home They are her villains. The The bad guys are back From the movie Green Goblin by Willem Dafoe and Doctor Octopus by Alfred Molina from the original Sam Raimi trilogy and Jamie Foxx’s Electro of the Amazing The duo’s study is preoccupied with some multiverse frenzy that portends potential problems for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

At Brazilian CCXP this weekend, the three actors got a chance to talk about their experiences returning to roles they held in the relatively early days of spider-man fever This swept the world. The initial offer sold all three of them, but what really attracted them all was that No way home The characters may be similar to what came before, but they are different in some aspects. “It’s going back to something I did before with that kind of history,” Dafoe said, “but there is a spin around it, and it appealed to me.” Fox echoed his sentiments, saying that producer Amy Pascal made it clear how he’d be more “hip” than his first tour of Electro, and, thankfully, he wouldn’t have to be blue.

Dafoe joked that “upgrades” had been provided to his Goblin outfit, and that other villains had undergone similar redesigns for There is no place for home. Instead of being stapled props as they were in 2004 spider man 2 Doc Ock’s claws are now done digitally, while Foxx has described his new look as not trying too hard. “I connected it to R&B,” he said. “Back then, you had fringes or shoulder pads, but now you can sings.For Dafoe, there was convenience in the ease of installation compared to the original Spider Man Eight hour test: They just scan it, create the outfit from the scan, and adjust it accordingly.

More than anything, the actors are excited to play these villains once again, who all say they have their own arcs throughout the movie. “In a lesser environment, we, as the bad guys, would just be employees who are there just to start the plot,” Molina said. “But here, we have real stories, and they are real people.” With that classic, sinister grin, Dafoe quipped that Green Goblin “is going to make a case this time around…it’s not just about some bare muscular power grab.”

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It arrives in theaters December 17th.

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