Peach Debuts Adaptive Core Loan Management System

Peach Finance, a cloud-native lending technology platform that helps lenders quickly launch and confidently scale lending products, has released its new Adaptive Core offering, a proprietary loan management system designed to give lenders configurability even as their lending programs scale. In addition, Peach has launched a refreshed brand – including a new logo, visual identity and website. The new brand and offering build on the company’s recent momentum, including a partnership with Mission Lane and selection as a launch partner for the Visa Ready for BNPL Program.

“Rigid lending infrastructure is a severe hindrance to many of today’s best-known lenders,” says Eddie Oistacher, Peach’s co-founder and CEO. “And the pace of change in lending is only increasing. To survive and thrive, today’s lenders must have the ability to continually adapt to evolving technologies, trends, regulations and market conditions.”

“Peach is the only lending technology platform that allows lenders to be just as flexible at scale as they are at launch,” continues Oistacher. “The Adaptive Core is an entirely new paradigm that will empower our clients to continually iterate on existing lending products, even at scale, and to launch innovative lending programs with speed and flexibility. Our product update and refreshed brand are an extension of the same forward-looking approach – rooted in deep industry experience – that has defined Peach since our founding.”

Peach’s lending technology platform comprises a loan management system, an integrated suite of proprietary servicing tools and Compliance Guard, an automated compliance monitoring system. Peach supports any non-mortgage consumer or business asset class and gives lenders access to over 200 configuration variables for defining loan behavior. Existing clients will automatically have access to the full breadth of functionality provided by Peach’s Adaptive Core.

“Peach is a one-of-a-kind technology innovator with a truly differentiated, best-in-class approach to lending infrastructure,” says Crayton Montei, Peach’s head of marketing and brand. “Its team of leading lending authorities has deep insight into the future of lending, and a compelling vision for how to deftly guide clients through turbulent waters. With this updated brand, we sought to embody these differentiators in an improved visual identity.”

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