Republican win in HD 118 does not signify ‘major shift’

The day after Republican John Logan won a special election for the Texas House 118 district, he found himself walking away from his job as the owner of two companies while making phone calls from well-wishers, including some highly regarded political figures.

“that it. [John] “Cornin called to congratulate me,” Logan said. “It was a huge honor. and then [former Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo – I met him two weeks ago and we took a picture and had a good discussion. Then this morning he called me and after that we had a good 30 minute conversation. It was really cool talking to a guy I admire.”

Logan’s victory was one of many Republicans celebrated on Tuesday night, including the Virginia gubernatorial race, where Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe. President Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points in 2020.

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