Ron DeSantis contends ‘political science’ drives CDC virus moves

Government. Ron DeSantis He continued his attack against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tuesday, saying he was motivated by “political science” rather than the hard science related to COVID-19.

“A lot of this is not science, it’s political science,” DeSantis said, “about what the CDC has been working under for months.”

The DeSantis Workshop suspended its political science streak on Tuesday evening on Mark Levine Show, as part of a larger explosive repertoire for the once-uncontroversial Federal Agency.

Levine led the segment asking DeSantis whether the CDC should issue a health advisory to secure the border, and the governor was on board.

“If you want to cross the border directly … they don’t care about Covid at that point,” DeSantis said.

He also reiterated the argument that masks in schools are meant to “muffle the mouths” of young learners, saying that they “will be masked even though COVID is not a risk to the child.”

DeSantis has continued to paint a grim picture of the frontier, a spectacle filled with “drugs” and “criminal aliens,” suggesting that “millions upon millions of people” could make their way in the next three and a half years.

It has been suggested that these people were from “more than 100 different countries,” including “people from the Middle East,” Asians, and Haitians.

“Reaching the southern border, this is your ticket to the US illegally,” DeSantis summed it up. Also ask questions.

“Who knows what the hell kinds of pathogens they bring in addition to COVID? However, the CDC doesn’t care about that at all. I think the reason is ideology,” DeSantis said.

The messages continued like this, as DeSantis hit familiar targets. Dr. pointed out. Anthony Fauci “I didn’t have much to say about the BLM movement or the antifa riots last summer.”

He also criticized the “terrible messages” from the president Joe Biden“What Biden does is send a message that is somehow less American if you make your decisions,” he said.

Interviewing DeSantis in the friendliest of forums continued an unusual media strategy this week, after a curious decision to sign up Anti-mask round table and not informing the media that this is happening in real time. Instead, management distributed the video, perhaps with an abundance of caution to avoid questions during business hours, like DeSantis Workshop concepts.

DeSantis, who has already underreported cases, suggested that even the abridged data set was pointless at that Monday symposium.

“What is the point of tracking these cases the way we do if we actually believe that vaccines protect you from dangerous outcomes but may not necessarily protect you from a positive test?”

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