Save over $160 on a set of these antibacterial towels

Tired of doing laundry? Towels are an item we turn to quite often, whether they’re coming out of the shower or heading for a workout, which means they’re one of our most washed-out pieces. But what if you found a towel with anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties that kept it fresh after multiple uses? Believe it or not, this genius piece really exists thanks to the Soji Smart Towel. And right now, you can purchase a 9 piece Soji smart towel set for just $ 138.39 with the promo code CMSAVE20 during the Cyber ​​Monday sale.

Soji Smart towels are made with all natural bamboo fiber and silver infusion, which gives it the magical ability to self-clean and stay fresh even after a few uses. Curious to know how it works? Pure silver removes 99.9% of bacterial growth, so the silver infused threads are naturally antibacterial and help remove unwanted odors so your towels stay fresher for longer. Goodbye moldy towels; hello soft, fluffy and oversized Soji!

Feel clean and fresh thanks to the exclusive bamboo fibers, which also wick away moisture and make drying comfortable. A twist weave makes them super absorbent and quick-drying (three times faster than regular towels!), Giving you the cool feeling of a five-star hotel towel. You can even have peace of mind knowing that they are made in a sustainable manner and that they will only thicken over time – no fraying or pilling in your future. And when it comes time to finally wash them, they’re machine washable and easy to clean.

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This 9-piece set in a stylish black hue includes six hand towels and three bath towels, so all your towel needs are covered. Cut down on laundry and enjoy these luxuriously soft, quick-drying, super-absorbent and anti-bacterial towels throughout the home.

Improve your towel situation at home with the Soji 9 Piece Smart Towel Set. It’s available now for just $ 138.39 with promo code CMSAVE20 during the Cyber ​​Monday sale for a very limited time.


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