Season 5, Episode 7, “Chillin’, Okay?!”

Amanda Sells (left), Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae, Natasha Rothwell

Amanda Sells (left), Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae, Natasha Rothwell
Photo: Mary Wallace / HBO

every season Unsafe An episode where our girls get together, and it becomes real, Show us how it has changed. From Coachella to “Malibu” to Finding Tiffany, these are usually some of the best episodes in the series. “Chillin, okay?!” Faced with the tough challenge of not only being as good as those episodes, it’s also the last time we’re likely to see these characters react like that.

Beneath Fran Richter and directed by Amy Aniobi, the two are long-term Unsafe Insiders bring close-The perfect episode in life. Aniobi is also a lead writer and co-executive producer and has been working with Issa Rae since then embarrassing black girl; Richter began writing for the series in 2018 and has appeared in episodes. The two have an intimate knowledge of the show and these characters make them an ideal choice to tackle the task.

This season’s premiere gave us a destination moment, so it’s cool to “Chilean,” okay?! ” LeaveThe girls spend a night in Isa. At this point, all I want is to sit down with these characters. It’s also a great tribute to waiting to exhale, one of the best movies about bShe lacks female friendship at all. Like the sleep scene in this movie, UnsafeIt is also filled with revelations and moments of joy. Their friendship also feels matured; They are all able to speak freely. It’s hard to imagine these characters having these conversations in the earlier seasons when Molly would interrupt anyone who questioned her.

Tiffany tells everyone she’s moving to Denver, which acts as a catalyst for everyone to stay in and make big decisions. Well, just about everyone. Mauli decides to give the green light to an eruption. Issa decides to stop being groggy and stay with Nathan (mostly). Kelly… Is there to be funny. Of course, Kelly is sad about Tiffany’s passing away (there’s a brief moment where Natasha Rothwell perfectly conveys the pain Tiffany didn’t first tell her in one line), but other than that she’s only there to crack jokes about Daniel Kaluuya.

They quickly introduce the idea that Kelly might want to change jobs. She no longer wanted to help rich white men get richer. This would be great if anyone watching the show knew that Kelly had this problem before. We know Kelly works in finance and we’ve seen her provide financial advice to Issa, but there was no hint that her work went unfulfilled. Tiffany’s concerns about moving to Denver after its collapse last season (“Lowkey lostMakes sense. We’ve seen Tiffany grapple with this problem before, while Kelly goes where the story requires.

“Chillin, okay?!” Almost a bottle ring. We spend most of the time with Issa, Molly, Tiffany and Kelly. Maybe, Chillin, okay?! It would have been perfect if we had just locked up with the girls all night. Instead, the episode takes short runs to check out Lawrence and Condola. Lawrence is back in LA. The two are doing great and love Elijah. Lawrence makes the shelves. Good for them Isn’t that lovely. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take care of myself. We already knew Lawrence was back in time, but had anyone really invested in this co-parenting journey?

It’s great that Lawrence is finally a good dad, but every time they cut those two things off, I just started wondering if Doritos were really good at cookies and how many joints Kelly could smoke in one sitting. Not that I wasn’t happy with an update on Lawrence and Kondola later in the season, but I felt it was superfluous here. It draws an interesting analogy to Lawrence’s whereabouts in life versus Issa, though: Lawrence has a child, great job, And a beautiful place. Issa still celebrates with her girls in the sleepover and deals with the noisy tenants.

It’s not hard to imagine that Issa would rather be in a nice house with Lawrence. The drunk dial has meaning. If the episode had been entirely focused on girls, Lawrence’s call at the end would have seemed more intrusive. After Nathan finally tells Issa that he loves her, Lawrence’s presence must feel even more bewildered, but like Molly, I don’t want Issa to be a stepmother. I want her to stay away from Lawrence Kondola’s mess. At the same time, Issa didn’t seem that excited when Nathan finally said what she wanted to hear! If you want a baby Kondola, just find out, Issa!

stray notes

  • I totally agree that Daniel is Jesus’ most ex-boyfriend.
  • She’s disappointed that Issa would offer wet knuckles to anyone, but it’s her personality! She wanted to look great and roll her knuckles, but she also wouldn’t be great at that.
  • I still love Turian and Molly! Really cute molly crush. I like that they immediately start making fun of her for wanting to take a business call.
  • Tiffany and Derek’s move to Denver makes sense. There have always been theories about cheating between these two, and I’m sure this will add fuel to that.
  • Always happy when we see bWomen lack cannabis smoking on TV.


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