Spider-Man Stars Tom Holland and Zendaya Break Silence on Kissing Photos, Their Relationship

Tom Holland and Zendaya have broken their silence regarding photos taken over the summer that show the pair flirting and kissing in a playful way. condition Spider-Man: There is no room for home The stars’ relationship has been a hot topic of discussion on social media, ever since they appeared together in 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming. Paparazzi managed to snap intimate photos of Holland and Zendaya in Los Angeles in July, where they exchanged a kiss while inside an Audi. during promotion Spider-Man: There is no room for homeAnd Holland and Zendaya spoke publicly for the first time about the kiss captured around the world.

“One of the downsides to our fame is that privacy is no longer really in our control, and the moment you think it is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment shared with the whole world,” Holland told GQ. Holland has been reluctant to talk about his relationship with Zendaya, though he adds that he worked to keep a private life. “I’ve always been determined to keep my private life private, because I share so much of my life with the world anyway,” he said. “We kind of felt robbed of our privacy.”

When asked if he’s not ready to talk publicly about his private life, he replied that it’s much simpler than that. “I don’t think it’s about being unprepared,” Holland said. “It’s just that we didn’t want to.” “It’s not a conversation I can have without it. You know, I respect it too much to say… This isn’t my story. It’s our story. And we’ll talk about what it is when we’re ready to talk about it together.”

Zendaya was also interviewed by phone, giving her side of the story. “It was just weird, weird, confusing and angry,” Zendaya said. Equal feelings [we both share] It is only when you really love and care about someone, in some moment or thing, that you wish they were yours. …I believe that loving someone is something sacred, something special, something you want to deal with and experience and experience enjoyment between the two people who love each other.”

Fans loved seeing Tom Holland and Zendaya together, which is part of the reason why Sony/Marvel Spider Man The film trilogy has been a huge success to this day. One moment that became a sensation was their appearance on MTV’s Lip Sync Battle, where Holland gave an amazing performance that culminated in Rihanna’s song Umbrella.

Tom Holland and Zendaya can then be seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which premieres December 17 in theaters. The latest No Way Home trailer has just been released.


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