Supposedly Canceled Men All Pick Up Grammy Nominations

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In case we need more proof that “abolition of culture” is all one thing perfect, an entire group of men who have been accused of sexual misconduct and other problematic behavior have been nominated for a Grammy.

These guys include Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, and Kevin Hart, who were all nominated for Comedy Album of the Year, and Marilyn Manson, who collaborated on Kanye West. Donda Nominated for Best Rap Album.

Since then, Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, has defended these nominations, Says Cover:

We will not impose restrictions on who can submit their material for consideration. We won’t look at people’s history, we won’t look at their criminal record, we won’t look at anything else illegal within our rules, is this recording of this work eligible based on history and other criteria. If so, they can send for consideration.”

So, the Grammys would probably honor abusers and transgender people and “never look at people’s history” — but we’re more than happy to do so.

Kevin Hart, you will remember, Almost hosted At the 2019 Academy Awards, even months before the awards ceremony, anti-gay tweets and jokes resurfaced again – including “jokes” about trying to stop his son from becoming gay. Last time in 2015, is defend anti-gay jokes in his movie, get hard.

Louis CK, the comedian who was said to have been canceled while embarking on a national tour this year, admitted in 2017 to the force Masturbating in front of several women. In his first show in 2018, presumably after some self-reflection, he centered comedy About gender pronouns and disdain for the students who survived the Parkland shooting. Lately, he’s been sarcastic posed in front of the giant “SORRY” Signature, suggesting he’s probably not sorry at all?

Marilyn Manson Accused of rape, sexual assault and a wide range of physical and emotional acts by more than a dozen women filed earlier this year.

And Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special the closest, released earlier this year, is rife with anti-trans “jokes”, as well as a nod to the time he claims to have hit a lesbian woman, and a pervasive public obsession with the genitals of trans women. in a big face backlash On the closestChappelle continued to perform in front of packed crowds, at times joking about how cool it was to be “canceled,” or lament He’s a victim now that film festivals realize he only had one joke, and he allegedly didn’t invite him en masse.

These Grammy nominations speak to the fact that the social consequences of powerful people who treat others horribly rarely translate into professional or institutional consequences. Hart, C.K., and Chappelle’s careers are all thriving, selling shows and in Hart’s case, starring in movie after movie. In September, a judge eviction Sexual assault lawsuit against Manson. These guys might get upset that not everyone has to like them as more of their victims talk, but their careers definitely benefit from the attention and opportunities that have come their way as a result of grumbling about cancellation.

As a contribution to Jezebel Zeba Blay wrote last month, that’s because along with “anger will always come counter-anger – people who want to signal their intellectual freedom or social individuality by the steady applause of artists who utter harmful or outdated ideas.” Blye importantly noted that men, like Hart and Chappell specifically, “seek to mitigate their irrelevance by regulating controversies that position them as arbiters of free thought and freedom of expression, when in fact they are less concerned with these ideals than they are with constructing and maintaining their own myth.” “.

Amid Hart, C.K., Manson, and Chappelle have been honored by the Recording Academy, it’s not clear if Hollywood just suffers from a collective short-term memory, or doesn’t really care about survivors and LGBT people – perhaps a combination of the two. But anyway, the next time Chappelle publicly cries about “cancellation,” he might be a Grammy winner.


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