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Taylor Swift topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart with “All Too Well (Taylor Edition)”. The song, long considered a classic among its catalog, is from the re-recorded new LP, red (Taylor version), which simultaneously launches at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart.


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Swift released the song for the first time on her 2012 album red, with this release spending a week on the Hot 100, at number 80, in the rankings on November 10, 2012.

With the updated scoring, Swift scored an eighth of 100 points in first place.

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“All Too Well (Taylor Edition)” was released in red (Taylor version) November 12 in Republic Records, across two versions in the set: two versions of 5 minutes 29 seconds and 10 minutes 13 seconds, both combined into one list in paintingschemes. (The original 2012 version of 5 minutes 29 seconds is tracked separately.)

As the song became 1,132 #1 in the 63-year history of the Hot 100, and the song’s 58th goes into the top spot, let’s dig a little deeper into its coronation.

Broadcasting, broadcasting and sales: “All Too Well (Taylor Edition)” begins with 54.4 million US broadcasts, 286,000 radio viewer impressions and 57,800 downloads sold in the tracking week from November 12-18, according to MRC data.

The song was for sale in its first frame via versions of 5 minutes, 29 seconds, 10 minutes, and 13 seconds; Clean and sound versions for the longest repeats; and “Sad Girl’s Autumn Version – Recorded at Long Bond Studios” and has a duration of 9 minutes 58 seconds (all contributing to the title chart totals).

Meanwhile, the 14-minute 56-second “All Too Well: The Short Film,” directed by Swift and starring Dylan O’Brien, Sadie Sink and Swift, premiered on November 12. He also performed a roughly 10-minute version of the song, set against the backdrop of the movie, on the November 13 episode of NBC. Saturday Night Live (Technically on November 14, starting at 12:13 a.m. ET…time Not unnoticed by braveand Calendar Conscious Swifties).

“Here we are again…”: Swift scores eighth in the Hot 100 category. Here is a recap:

“We’ll Never Get Back Together” three weeks into the top spot, starting September 1, 2012
“Shake It Off”, four weeks, starting September 6, 2014
“Blank space”, seven weeks, starting November 29, 2014
“Bad Blood” feat. Kendrick Lamar, 1 week, 6 June 2015
“Look What You Made Me Do”, Three weeks, starting September 16, 2017
Cardigan, 1 week, August 8, 2020
“Willow”, 1 week, December 26, 2020
“All Too Well (Taylor Edition)”, 1 week to date, November 27, 2021

Swift is the 20th female artist, and seventh solo artist, in the history of the Hot 100 with no fewer than eight times. The Beatles lead all the action with 20 numbers, followed by Mariah Carey with 19.

Top 10 in profession: “All Too Well (Taylor version)” is also number 30 on Swift’s Top 100 chart, becoming the sixth artist to reach the milestone.

Top 100 Top 10:
54, Drake
38, Madonna
34, The Beatles
31, Rihanna
30, Michael Jackson
30, Taylor Swift

#1 in Flows and Sales: “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” is #1 on both the streaming song charts and digital song sales. She is Swift’s fifth leader in the previous tally, overtaking Cardi B in surpassing the most among women, and extending her record number 23 on the latter list.

For the splits between the longer and shorter versions of the song from November 12-18, streams and sales for the expanded mix dominated, taking 62% of all clicks and 78% of all paid downloads (with 10-minute versions available and 13 seconds and “Sad Girl Autumn” for selective purchase in Tracking Week only at Swift’s webstore).

(Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its length and lack of focused radio merchandising, the song drew only a sample broadcast in its tracking week, even though four stations played it, over a mixture of periods, more than 10 times each: WPRO Providence, RI [16]WDJQ Canton, Ohio, WDJX Louisville, Kentucky. [12 each], big pop WWBX Boston [11].)

Debuting on Billboard 200 and Hot 100: Swift is the first artist to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 simultaneously up to three times. (The Billboard 200 launched on March 24, 1956, and the Hot 100 on August 4, 1958.)

Swift became the first act to pounce on him like this when folklore and “Cardigan” topped the Billboard 200 and Hot 100, respectively, on August 8, 2020. She repeated this feat with the song “Willow” and forever On December 26, 2020.

BTS, Justin Bieber, and Drake scored one such simultaneous debut each.

Longest temperature 100 No. 1: Looking at the (dominant) 10-minute, 13-second version of “All Too Well (Taylor’s version)”, the song can now be considered the #1 longest running song in Hot 100 history. “American Pie (parts 1 and 2) Don McClain” , at 8 minutes 37 seconds, has held the mark for nearly half a century, dating back to its first four weeks at number one in January 1972.

Paraphrasing the judgment: With the original “All Too Well” charting on the Hot 100, at number 80, for a week in November 2012, Swift hit the first #1 cover of a pre-charted Hot 100 hit (not counting samples or interpolations) in more than 20 years, since… Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Maya and B! nk base “Lady Marmalade” for five weeks in poll June 2, 2001. The original version of Labelle was released for a week in March 1975.

“My old self again…”: Meanwhile, Swift is the first artist to send an update of their former Hot 100 song to #1 since Elton John, who dominated “Candle in the Wind 1997″ / “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” for 14 weeks in October 1997 – January 1998. His live version of “Candle” rose to number six in January 1988, after he released his studio recording for the first time in 1973.

John also scored the former Hot 100 leader, when the live action hit “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” with George Michael took over the reign for a week in February 1992. John’s studio version of the original single reached number two in July 1974.

Original “All Too Well”: For comparison, 2012’s “All Too Well” attracted 2.6 million streams (down 23%) and sold nearly 700 downloads (up 195%) in the week of tracking from November 12-18 (with no radio plays detected between More than 1300 stations this report to paintingRadio Song Chart).

As the song has won acclaim among Swift’s entire catalog for 15 years, from journalists and fans Both, the original has attracted 145.5 million US broadcasts, 1.6 million in broadcast audiences and 304,000 in sales to date.

Swift’s 9 Great Songs #1: “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” simultaneously tops the Hot Country Songs chart, which uses the same multi-meter methodology as the Hot 100. He debuted as Swift’s ninth Hot Country singles lead and second this year, after “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” in First place in the poll on February 27.

Adele’s song “Easy on Me” slipped to number two on the Hot 100 after four weeks at number one. dropped to third place after four weeks on top of Streaming Songs, despite gaining 2% to 24.1 million songs; It drops to number two after the top digital song sales, with sales up 70% to 24,800 sales; It ranks second in radio hits, with a 9% increase to 84.8 million in radio reach, winning Hot 100’s and Airplay Gainer Awards.

mother album of the song, 30, released on Friday, November 19, while Adele performed the poem on CBS Adele: Just one night, November 14.

The song also reached number one on the Adult Pop Airplay chart, becoming Adele’s sixth leader, topping adult contemporary for the third week.

The Kid LAROI and Bieber’s “Stay” slip 2-3 on the Hot 100, after seven weeks at number one, topping the radio singles for the tenth week (86.9 million, down 3%).

Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s “Industry Baby” drop 3-4 on the Hot 100, after a week at number one, with its 13th week hitting the top of both the multi-charts Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and the Hot Rap singles charts.

“Smokin Out the Window” by Silk Sonic, duo Bruno Mars and Anderson, jumps. Paak, jumped 8-5 in his second week on the Hot 100, led by 23.8 million broadcasters (up 13%) and 13.7 million in broadcast audiences (up 135%).

The collaboration (which contributes to the chart history of both artists) is Mars’ top 100 hit singles, and second to Anderson, after Buck spent two weeks at number one in April and May. Both songs are from the Husband’s album Evening with Silk Sonicwhich debuted at number two on the Billboard 200.

“Window” tops the multi-chart Hot R&B songs chart concurrently for the second week.

Ed Sheeran’s song “Bad Habits” slipped 4-6 on the Hot 100, having reached number two, and “Shivers” slipped to number seven from the top 5.

After completing the Hot 100 Top 10 Songs chart, “Heat Waves” pushes glass animals 10-8 for Best New Performance, topping the multi-chart charts for Hot Rock & Alternative Songs and Hot Alternative Songs for their ninth week each; Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” held number 9 on the Hot 100, after scoring at number 8; and “Fancy Like” Locker Hayes 7-10, after finishing third.

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