The Conundrum Of Coaching Loan Officers – NMP

Identifying Reluctances

Every salesperson has some type of reluctance. This reluctance could be defined as a type of call reluctance, marketing reluctance or even communication reluctance such as the fear of public speaking. These reluctances can be crippling to the average salesperson and an important part of the manager’s job is to not only identify this reluctance, but format solutions to help the salesperson overcome this handicap.

For example, it is important for a salesperson to stay in contact with previous customers. And the most effective contact in this regard is over the phone rather than sending notes. But if the salesperson has a reluctance to make telephone calls for marketing and/or customer service purposes, this is an issue. The question is — how do you overcome this? Before finding an alternative means of communication, there are many tools you can use:

• By making sure they schedule activities which they are likely to overlook if they are not specifically on their calendar.

• By helping the loan officer eliminate obstacles that are being used as excuses for keeping us from doing what they need to do. For example — showing them that their pipeline does not need a babysitter.

• By pairing up with “buddies” or “coaches” who will give them daily encouragement to take certain actions.

• By making it fun. Contests, challenges and games may be seen as “infantile” by some, but they are really major sales tools. In reality, if they do not like what we are doing, they are less likely to accomplish the task.

• By helping them be honest with themselves. If they are going to overcome an obstacle they must admit that their call reluctance (and perhaps attitude) is the problem, not all the other things we have been blaming — such as paperwork and the competition.

Next month we will continue to introduce tools that will help you develop more effective coaching techniques.

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