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It’s been a long year and a half since the last new episode of stranger from home aired. But the drylander is about to get a whole lot better. ready? We finally have a season 6 premiere date, and it’s in just three months! On March 6, 2022, Jamie and Claire Fraser and their stash full of thieves and time travelers return to our screens on Starz. Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, John Bell and Cesar Domboy will all be back to make us cry in the best way ever. If you love shock, drama, pain, love and more love, then stranger from home It is all you need in 2022. The news of the premiere was announced at an event celebrating Diana Gabaldon’s 9th edition stranger from home the book, Go and tell the bees I’m gone. Here’s what we learned and what we should look forward to in Season 6.

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Go and tell the bees I’m gone

At the event, there were a lot of coins dropped from the latest book. It’s been seven years since last stranger from home the bookWritten in my heart’s blood. Spoiler alert for Gabaldon’s latest book: Jimmy Fraser says this: “No guy is objective about Claire I mean – they aren’t.” And they talk about Frank Randall and what he knew about Jimmy in the past, I mean the future. Error. Time travel is difficult. As we learned that the first stranger from home The book was originally titled cross stitch. But the publishers felt that people might think it was a book about embroidery. Good call. When asked how to name some of her characters in the book series, Heughan and Caitriona, Gabaldon winked, “Compliments to friends.”

Gabaldon also said, “Someone might die. But I won’t say who.” I don’t need that pressure. I do not need it. Jamie and Claire Fraser will never die. Thank you. Gabaldon also said it’s already working stranger from homeBook X and an introduction about Jimmy’s parents, Brian and Elaine. But she says the tenth book may not be the end. all stranger from home The book I wrote, I thought would be the last. Most important, nine books later. When asked to describe the latest book in three words, she said, “Jimmy is still alive.” What about Claire?! Hello, excuse me? Excuse me. Hello?

Sam Heughan, Mariel Davis and Diana Gabaldon

In the special book event, join Gabaldon Heughan and stranger from home Executive Producer Mariel Davis. They opened with Gabaldon and assured them that Jamie Fraser does not die. Davis replied, “What about Claire?” “I didn’t say she wasn’t going to die,” Gabaldon replied. Sam Heughan looked straight into the camera in utter panic. Sam Heogan is all of us. When asked about the tenth book, Davis says, “We could easily do 10.” Marielle Davis for president. ten seasons of stranger from home? Yes please. Will Jamie and Claire turn 95? I dont care. It will still be hot and wrinkled. We will take it. But fortunately, when Gabaldon was asked about book 10, he slipped up and revealed that Claire is alive… and Davis shouted, “Ah ha, Claire is alive!” As if she had just discovered the most important news in history. Which I did.

After announcing stranger from home Premiere date, Gabaldon says she started writing the first stranger from home On March 6, 1988, she considers it a good omen. She left the audience with three hints about Season 6: “Christie, Amoeba, and Brown.” amoeba?!

As for the last scene in stranger from home Book series, You know what the final scene is but don’t know how they got there. Perhaps it’s a scene where Jamie and Claire have not separated for 20 years and live happily ever after. Nah. This is it stranger from homeIt will undoubtedly break our hearts.

What to expect in Season 6

We don’t know much about Season 6, but here’s what we do know: Roger has a pretty big beard. Like a Santa’s beard on a level. Jamie and Claire are still ridiculously attractive and love each other more than anything. Any thing. Watch Jamie and Claire below and also see how Brianna views her parents. It’s us, we’re it. Beyond that, we know that the season is based on Gabaldon’s sixth book in the series, A breath of snow and ashes. Claire Fraser is recovering from the traumatic events of last season, with the support of her family. Jamie and Claire both anticipate and fear the coming Revolutionary War. Roger has a beard. Oh did I mention that already? They are great men. Really great. We also know that the newest baddies in town are Kristi. Jessica Reynolds, Mark Lewis and Alexander Vlahos join the cast, and Reynolds takes Malva with a real interest in Claire Fraser.

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Sophie Skelton, Caitriona Balf, and Sam Heughan
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The best moments of Season 6 of Diana Gabaldon

Gabaldon revealed that she has watched all the episodes of the new upcoming season. When asked to describe season six in three words, she simply replied: “Best one so far.” But then she determines that the first season is her overall favourite. The original can’t be beat. But this is an all-new season endorsement. She also drops a few spoilers about her three favorite scenes: the flashback scene with Jimmy and Tom Christie in Ardsmuir Prison; A scene with Claire and Tom Christie, and when “Malva reveals her trending news”. nations. This makes me tense.

Survive from the rest stranger from homeDresslander

If you can’t wait three months, two days, 42 minutes, and 27 seconds (that’s not real math), here are several things you can do to get ready and fill in the time. Read Diana Gabaldon’s latest stranger from home The book, watching all of the gluttony stranger from home: Seasons 1 to 5. Read all about our favorite episodes. Watch season 5 DVD with all kinds of extras including deleted scenes, store them on your device Holiday gifts for OutlanderRead Sam Heughan’s book Clanlands calendar, his latest book on the scams of traveling in Scotland with the former stranger from home Co-starring Graham McTavish. Watch Caitríona Balfe talk about it stranger from home And BelfastAnd Then go see her movie in an actual movie theater, or simply read the entire nine book stranger from home Series. You are most welcome, you have work to do. Jamie and Claire are counting on you.

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