‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 on HBO Max

The new HBO Max comedy The sexual life of college studentsFrom creators Mindy Kaling (I never did beforeand Justin NobleBrooklyn Nine-Nine), is to highlight the strange, funny and annoying behaviors of the female students in the foreground.

Thursday’s series premiere introduces us to Essex College, an upscale Vermont school that attracts a variety of unexpected new roommates: Indian American Bela (played by Amrit Kaur), a “super sex positivity – in theory more than experience”; Healthy Kimberly (Paulene Chalamet), who comes from a small town in Arizona and has a high school friend; Soccer player Whitney (Aliyah Chanel Scott), nicknamed the daughter of a well-known senator (trial errorSherry Shepherd); and the posh Leighton (Renee Rabe), who wasn’t supposed to be in the same room with the other three girls. Leighton filled out a roommate request with her two best friends from high school, but because they’re “holes”, like her dad (Children’s HospitalRob Hebel) says, They destroyed it. One of her BFFs named Leighton tells that her friendship with her felt like friendship with a stranger because it seems like she’s always pinned to the wall. (Well, with friends like these, can you blame her for not opening up?)

Summary of the sexual life of college studentsHot Brother Nico Leighton (Sabrina’s Spooky AdventuresGavin Leatherwood convinces his sister to give her a chance. Naturally, she buys them all iPads as a way for her to start over. The girls are trying more bonding by hitting up a fraternity party. But as they head inside, Leighton pretends she forgot her phone and says she’ll meet them later.

Meanwhile, Kimberly’s attempt to forget her troubles – she just lost her virginity to her cute boyfriend, then immediately threw her out – faces a snag when he spills a drink on her. Niko noticed that she was leaving and presented her with one of his shirts. He also notes that she was tossing him because he was running shirtless on move day, which is what a confused Kimberly is trying to do.

Summary of the sexual life of college studentsThe friendly exchange between Kimberly and Nico is broken up by Bela, who is already making enemies on campus. In her quest to secure one of the few “female positions” at the school’s exclusive humor magazine (and then moved on to become a TV comedy writer), she happily gave hand jobs to male writers. (That’s definitely Not What Leighton meant when she said to Bella “Make them like you.”) Bella’s got a magazine spot, but some of these guys have female girlfriends on the cast, who hate Bella now.

As for Whitney, she deals with her soccer coach Dalton (James Morosini), who says annoying things like, “I love the color of your skin.” Then while running, Whitney bumps into him… and his wife! Whitney takes off before Dalton sees tears in her eyes. At a fraternity party, she makes a beeline for classmate Kimberly at Café Canaan (tell me a storyChristopher Meyer) and frankly asks to see his room.

And where did Leighton go? Well, she’s in a casino, and she’s browsing a dating app for a casual relationship…with another woman. However, Leighton’s walls suddenly make a lot of sense, as does her lack of interest in Nico Kuri’s boyfriend, who clearly had hot feelings for her.

Summary of the sexual life of college studentsWe’ve also got to go back to Kimberly for a minute, who, having chided in on it with her new co-workers (“I’m excited to have a black boyfriend!”), recovers herself with a startled rant. When a student throws trash on the ground in front of Canaan, Kimberly explodes with a jerk. “Some of us have to work at these jobs because, even if we didn’t know it until we got here, we’re kind of poor,” she exclaims. “Yeah, maybe I don’t have the latest iPhone, and I probably don’t know what couscous is, but I’m still a king person, and so is he! So treat us like we’re an important king, okay?!”

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