UB Political Scientists Discuss Buffalo Mayoral Results

Buffalo, New York – Political scientists are trying to understand whether Byron Brown’s potentially successful campaign on democratic socialism India Walton has broader implications.

Sean Donahue, a professor at State University of New York, said so-called progressive Democrats have seen some victories across the country, but voters appear to be backing away from socialism and radical public safety reform.

“Defund the Police is politically toxic pretty much everywhere in the country,” he said.

Donahue’s fellow University at Buffalo, Jacob Nehzel, said he’s reluctant to draw many conclusions about the future of democratic politics from Buffalo. Instead, he thinks it may be an important campaign and candidate issue.

“All of the factors that have historically led to a successful writing campaign have been at issue here. You had a very well known name. You had a historically good ground game, and a strong support base. And frankly, you had a candidate who enjoyed a name that was easy to spell,” said Niehzel.

He defeated Walton Brown in the Democratic primary in June, but analysts said it appears to have awakened the incumbent while the novice candidate has struggled to avoid negative press for the past five months.

“You don’t need to lose two days in order to get parking tickets if you’re a serious candidate for mayor of a major city and these are the things that only happen if you’re a new candidate, if you’re an inexperienced candidate to put my finger on one issue, it wasn’t necessarily a problem, it was Experiment “.

The professors said Brown likely benefited from Republican money and votes this time around, but they cautioned in a largely Democratic city that the effect could linger even now.

“Donald Trump didn’t even get 20% of the vote in Buffalo, I think, either in the election, so there’s not a whole lot of Republicans out there. Now, I’m sure a lot of people voted for Mayor Brown,” Donahoe said.

They noted that while Brown was engaged in writing, he still enjoyed and used the advantages of holding the office. In the meantime, they expect Elton to have a political future after this election.


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