Wisconsin professors join thousands of political scientists calling for Trump’s removal | Local Education

Herrera, a professor of political science, said she did not see the statement as a partisan stance, but rather “an attempt to engage in politics for the national interest.

“We are political scientists, but we are also Americans,” Herrera said. “You can’t always separate your general political opinions from your actions as political scientists. The idea here is that we had the expertise to offer, and we needed to make that clear.”

Some Republican members of Congress from Wisconsin have condemned the crowds and the president, while others still plan to object to the vote count. Shah, a professor of journalism, called the events “appalling for anyone with a conscience on either side of the political corridor”.

Shah first heard about the message from his friend Brendan Nyhan, a professor at Dartmouth College who specializes in disinformation. He said the list of signatories includes the ideological spectrum of political science and is an indication of the weight of Wednesday’s events.

There are very conservative people from very conservative institutions. There are very liberal people from very liberal establishments. There are people of high quality and deeply interpretive; “There are deeply empirical and positivist individuals,” Shah said. These are the people who rarely take a stand, and certainly not one related to a permanent president. This is a terrible moment. This is a moment that calls for anger.”


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